Goodyear develops bespoke UUHP tire for 2023 Maserati GranTurismo

Goodyear develops bespoke UUHP tire for 2023 Maserati GranTurismo

July 2023, Dubai, UAE – Goodyear has worked closely with Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Maserati to develop a bespoke tire for the different versions of its new GranTurismo. The car will be available with a V6 twin-turbo configuration with two different levels of performance.

The tires selected are Goodyear’s Eagle F1 SuperSport, part of Goodyear’s UUHP (ultra-ultra-high performance) range. The same acclaimed SuperSport performance will come as standard on the new GranTurismo, with additional development that tunes the tire to the characteristics of the new Maserati models. The tires will be marked with MGT that means it´s a specific development for the Italian brand.

Goodyear developed the Eagle F1 SuperSport range to provide superior performance for extreme road and track cars, using the same development technologies as race tires that carry teams to victory in some of the most prestigious races in the world, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Learnings from Goodyear’s involvement in a number of top-level racing championships have gone directly into the Eagle F1 SuperSport road tire to give drivers superior grip, handling and stability in dry and wet conditions.

A tire developed with virtual simulation

Goodyear and Maserati have collaborated to use virtual simulation to develop the tires fitted to the GranTurismo. This simulation helps cut down on the number of prototype tires required, which makes the process of designing and developing high-performance tires more sustainable. The move away from multiple iterations of physical prototype tires also improves cost and efficiency, due to the huge amount of data that can be collected with virtual R&D methods.

As one of the first manufacturers to apply this technology, Goodyear is driving innovation in a fast-moving sector. Simulation is now an integral part of developing tires for the road and the track.

Instead of using raw materials to manufacture small batches of prototype tires, advanced tire models are created in the virtual world, where thousands of permutations can be calculated and experimented in the simulator, saving on the logistical costs associated with traditional testing.

Stefano Sangermano, Model Chief Engineer at Maserati said: “We are really pleased with the collaboration we have developed with Goodyear for the new GranTurismo. Their customized Eagle F1 SuperSport is perfectly suited to the approach of our new model, and the development using virtual simulation has been a great help, facilitating the work between the R&D teams of both parties”.


Hans Vrijsen, Managing Director OE, Goodyear, commented: “It has been exciting to see the development of this tire after Maserati selected Goodyear as its UUHP tire provider for the new GranTurismo. We’re in a rapidly evolving technical environment, which means simulation now plays an integral part of Goodyear’s research and development. This activity was key to setting tire and vehicle targets, narrowing down the tire design scope and reducing the number of physical development loops. Goodyear is committed to embracing new technologies and methods. This project with Maserati is a case study for what is to come.”