Conquer the UAE heat with INFINITI QX60

Conquer the UAE warmth with INFINITI QX60's advanced climate control and serene comfort
As UAE summers bring what we know they do, it’s key for vehicles to offer a cool driving experience. The INFINITI QX60 – a luxurious seven-seater SUV – is shaped to provide ultimate ease and atmosphere adjustment for a pleasant jaunt around town, whatever the mercury level.

INFINITI QX60 air-conditioning

The history of automotive thermal regulation can be traced back to the 1930s. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that car AC became more commonplace, and, over the years, technology marched forward, laying the foundations for INFINITI’s contemporary customizable systems. The QX60’s automatic temperature adapter and air purifier, a testament to the brand’s innovative heritage, transforms the cabin into a soothing sanctuary on every trip. With a three-zone air conditioning setup, passengers can customize their comfort and experience, whether in the front, middle, or back rows.  

Therein it incorporates the latest developments for complete peace of mind. The specially configured ProPilot Assist elevates this model, creating a safer and more satisfying time behind the wheel, as it utilises sensors to monitor traffic and maintain the set space. This intuitive system allows flexibility and convenience, especially for effortlessly gliding.  

Designed for busy lives that deserve a refreshing ride, the popular sports utility vehicle gives the perfect combination of safe, peaceful and inventive features, rooted in a rich backstory of vehicular invention to enjoy those summer journeys, paired with additional pleasing elements like second-row captain’s chairs and a massage function in the front-row.  

Inside, high-caliber cooling seats grant a welcome reprieve from sweltering conditions. Cushioning such as this, first introduced in 1998, have evolved into a sought-after feature. They circulate colder air through all that is being reclined upon, for a more efficient solution than a centralized unit while consuming less power. The QX60 brings an unmatched voyage that makes it hard to ever want to exit.  

To taste the next evolution of luxury SUVs, book a test drive by visiting your nearest INFINITI of Arabian Automobiles centre in Dubai, Sharjah or the Northern Emirates.