Bridgestone and La Main Douce host ‘Road Safety Village’

Bridgestone and La Main Douce partner to host ‘Road Safety Village’ event for 160 children

November 8, 2023: Bridgestone, a global leader in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions, in collaboration with La Main Douce, an esteemed non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Morocco, hosted the ‘Road Safety Village’ event for 160 children with autism, learning disabilities, and Trisomy 21. The event, held recently, was a day packed with activities and educational sessions designed to provide an engaging setting for children with special needs, allowing them to learn and enhance their road safety knowledge.

The initiative offered a range of engaging activities, such as a Road Safety Workshop where children could learn the value of road safety through hands-on, interactive exercises meant to equip them with the essential knowledge and abilities to help them navigate safely.

Children were also introduced to the idea of environmental responsibility through a Tyre Recycling Workshop, which provided an informative and interactive way for them to learn about recycling and sustainable practices. In addition, a Montessori Workshop fostered children’s creativity and individual development through activities inspired by a child-centred approach to education.

As a part of the event, Bridgestone also scheduled a meeting with medical experts, which provided vital insights into the unique challenges and demands of children with special needs.  The discussion was a critical step in better understanding the children and developing programs that could more effectively meet their unique needs in the future. Bridgestone further indicated its plans to continue partnering with La Main Douce and expand its efforts to support specially-abled children.

Jacques Fourie, Vice President and Managing Director of Bridgestone Middle East and Africa said: “We at Bridgestone are honoured to collaborate with La Main Douce to steer this remarkable endeavour. We remain committed to the well-being of children and hope to support them to maintain their overall safety. The ‘Road Safety Village’ event is only one milestone in our continuous endeavours to accomplish this goal. The program is also a manifestation of our ‘Way to Serve’ motto, which captures the essence of our company’s long-standing belief in serving society with superior quality and shaping a better world, while also contributing to the growth of our stakeholders.”

The program also mirrored Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment, which is more than just a corporate pledge, but rather an initiative to improve the lives of all community members. By collaborating with La Main Douce, Bridgestone successfully reaffirmed its resolve to provide all children and individuals with opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive.