BMW Group Middle East publishes sustainability whitepaper

BMW Group Middle East publishes Sustainability Whitepaper following Dialogues
Dubai, UAE – December 12, 2023. BMW Group Middle East announces the release of a comprehensive whitepaper, based on key sustainability insights from the region’s first BMW Group Dialogues held in Dubai.


Key insights from the Dialogues include:  

  • The Regional Energy Transition: The Middle East considers the energy challenge as a strategic opportunity to leverage its expertise in the petrochemical value chain to play a leading role in the development of green mobility energies, including Hydrogen.
  • Circularity Matters: The carbon footprint of mobility extends well beyond the active life of a vehicle, and includes sourcing of the materials for manufacturing, to the recyclability at the end of a vehicle’s life.
  • Future mobility will be multimodal: Sustainable mobility will seamlessly integrate energy-efficient modes of public transport and shared mobility solutions.

First Dialogue by BMW Group in the Middle East  

Since 2011, over 35 Dialogues have been held globally across Europe, the US and Asia. This milestone event marks the first time a Dialogue has been hosted in the Middle East. The event brought together key stakeholders to discuss the pressing issue of climate change and the decarbonization of the mobility sector. The discussion centred around regional energy transition, which BMW Group has been advocating during, and outside of, COP28 UAE.  

Attendees included the Consul General of Germany, along with several prominent CEOs and senior executives from across the region. An expert panel brought together specialists in climate action to share their insights. The whitepaper, delivered digitally on, provides an overview of the topic, highlighting key findings and insights from the stakeholders.  

The findings present a regional perspective on the climate crisis and outline actionable steps towards mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable mobility. Dialogues and the whitepaper emphasise the BMW Group’s dedication to fostering environmental stewardship and engaging diverse stakeholders in shaping a sustainable future.  

“The Middle East’s first BMW Group Dialogues underscores our commitment to collaborative sustainability.  We are at a stage where we must take a collective approach to the climate crisis and the global community must unite to produce viable solutions to safeguard our planet. The Dialogues represent a key step in aligning regional perspectives with global sustainability goals, addressing crucial topics of the regional energy transition and sustainable mobility.”  

“Through the insightful discussions that took place amongst our guests and expert panel, we were able to ignite a united passion for sustainability, with each participant contributing to actionable steps that can be made towards our shared goals in the region,” said Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, Managing Director of BMW Group Middle East.   “This Dialogue and the subsequent whitepaper underscore our commitment to creating a sustainable future for the region, by identifying challenges and working collaboratively on realistic, practical methods to address climate change.”  

Sustainability is at the core of BMW Group’s corporate strategy, with an emphasis on long-term thinking and responsible action. The Dialogues and the whitepaper demonstrate this commitment and also align with the wider goals of the COP28 UAE climate action summit, particularly the energy transition pillar.

The whitepaper is available in digital form at