A successful 2023: BMW Group posts record sales

A successful 2023: BMW Group posts record sales, meets ambitious e-mobility growth targets

  BMW Group sales reach new all-time high of 2,555,341 units in 2023 (+6.5%)

  • BMW Group BEV sales at 15%, with growth across all sales re­gions worldwide
  • BMW brand once again tops global premium segment in 2023; electric models see significant growth (+92.2%)
  • Rolls-Royce and Motorrad brands also report new highs
  • Jochen GoIler: “Record sales for 2023 show desirability of our strong brands. Customers worldwide value our highly attrac­tive product offering – across all drive technologies.”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The BMW Group delivered a total of 2,555,341 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles to customers last year (+6.5%) – a new all-time sales high for the company. The BMW, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad brands also reported new record highs in 2023. In the fourth quarter, BMW Group sales climbed to 718,778 units, up +10.3% on the previous year.

“Thanks to close co-operation with our retail partners and driven by the strong performance of our associates, the BMW Group was able to achieve a new all-time sales high for 2023. Customers around the world appreciate our strong brands BMW, MINI, Motorrad and Rolls-Royce and in particular the choice of different drive technologies across the entire BMW Group product range“, said Jochen Goller, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Customer, Brands, Sales. “With our new, highly attractive and technologically outstanding vehicles, we were able to ramp up electromobility even more dynamically in 2023 and achieve the goal of 15% of total sales from fully-electric vehicles”, Goller continued.

Thanks to a strong team effort, the BMW Group once again managed to significantly increase its worldwide deliveries of fully-electric products last year to 376,183 units. This represents a year-on-year sales growth of +74.4% for the company. In the fourth quarter, the BMW Group delivered 129,316 fully-electric vehicles to customers (+47.7%). Its sales of fully-electric vehicles for the year 2023 significantly outperformed the total market for fully-electric vehicles, underlining the company’s role as an e-mobility pioneer.

The BMW Group is confident it will be able to maintain its BEV growth trajectory in 2024. With a range of 18 fully-electric models spanning all its brands’ main segments, the BMW Group is laying a strong foundation for dynamic BEV growth in the coming years: One in every five of the company’s newly delivered vehicles will have a fully-electric drive train this year; by 2025, it will be one in four. “We see continued high demand for our fully-electric products and, based on our strong, cross-brand product portfolio, expect to sell more than half a million fully-electric vehicles in 2024”, said Goller.

BMW brand once again tops global premium segment in 2023

With a total of 2,253,835 vehicles delivered to customers worldwide in 2023, the BMW brand posted growth of +7.3% from the previous year, with sales reaching a new all-time high. The BMW brand was once again able to defend its leading position in the global premium segment last year.

The brand’s fully-electric vehicles, in particular, were in high demand, with a total of

330,596 units delivered to customers in 2023 (+92.2%). Fourth-quarter deliveries of fully-electric BMW vehicles reached 113,458 units (+55.4%).

Models in the upper price segment, such as the BMW 7 Series and the BMW X7, also benefited from strong demand in 2023. Fully-electric models, including the BMW iX1 * and the BMW i4*, in particular, were among the main sales drivers. Last year, the BMW X1, BMW 3 Series and the BMW X3 remained especially popular with customers.

With the launch of the fully-electric BMW i5* last year, the BMW Group now has a fully-electric option in each of its main segments. The fully-electric BMW iX2* has also been added to the line-up. Later this year, the first fully-electric touring model will make its debut as part of the BMW 5 model series.

BMW M GmbH grows sales significantly to reach new milestone

With a total of 202,530 performance and high-performance cars sold in 2023, BMW M GmbH posted its best-ever result in the company’s more than 50-year history — an increase of +14.3% compared to the previous year. In addition to the successful market launch of the M2*, XM* and M3* Touring high-performance models, the BMW i4 M50* fully-electric performance model also deserves particular mention. Just like the previous year, the BMW i4 M50 was the best-selling BMW M car and is a prime example of the systematic transformation of the brand towards electromobility. The range of battery-electric vehicles in the executive and luxury car segment was rounded out by the BMW i5 M60* and the BMW i7 M60*.

Strong BEV growth for MINI

The MINI brand sold a total of 295,474 vehicles (+0.9%) last year, with sales of fully-electric MINI models up 3.5% to 45,261 units. The fully-electric MINI Cooper SE* released in 2020 remains the best-selling MINI model variant. The fully-electric MINI Cooper SE Convertible was introduced onto the market last year. The limited edition of 999 units sold out in most markets within a few weeks of the announcement. Fully-electric vehicles now make up 15.3% of total MINI sales for the full year 2023.

The new MINI family will be released onto the market over the course of 2024. The fully-electric MINI Cooper SE and MINI Cooper E will be joined by two further fully-electric models, the MINI Countryman SE and the MINI Countryman E. Both the MINI Cooper and the MINI Countryman will also be available with an internal combustion engine. The yet-to-be-unveiled new MINI Aceman, a compact five-seater crossover, will be a pure-electric model as well.

Rolls-Royce ends 2023 with all-time sales high

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars enjoyed a hugely successful 2023, with strong global demand for its products and Bespoke orders at record levels. The brand based at Goodwood in the UK delivered 6,032 cars to customers last year — the highest recorded in its history. Rolls-Royce reported sales growth in most of the 50 markets in which it operates.

Significant growth was also seen in the value of the marque’s unrivalled Bespoke projects — the aspects of each and every Rolls-Royce hand-built at the company’s home at Goodwood and which are entirely personal to the commissioning client. To support the ever-increasing global demand for complex and unique Bespoke projects, Rolls-Royce further expanded its international Private Office network: Shanghai opened in 2023, while offices in Seoul and North America were announced for 2024. The company also announced substantial new investment in the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood, UK, principally to extend capabilities for Bespoke, including Coachbuild.

2023 was also notable for the introduction of Rolls-Royce Spectre*, the marque’s eagerly awaited, first fully-electric motor car. Deliveries of Spectre began as planned in the fourth quarter, with orders already stretching into 2025. Demand for all current Rolls-Royce models remains strong: Cullinan* is the most requested model worldwide, followed by Ghost*, with Phantom* remaining the marque’s pinnacle product.

BMW Motorrad crowns centenary year with highest sales in its history

With a total of 209,257 motorcycles and scooters delivered to customers — an increase of +3.1 % year-on-year, BMW Motorrad reported its highest-ever sales to mark its centenary year. The Europe, Asia, North and Latin America regions, in particular, all posted new sales highs and made a vital contribution to BMW Motorrad’s record sales. The brand’s compelling lineup, with successful products that define their respective segments, along with the market introduction of popular new models, like the powerful M 1000 R and the iconic R 1300 GS touring enduro, were strong factors in its successful performance in 2023.

BMW & MINI sales in the regions/markets


In the US, a total of 395,741 BMW and MINI vehicles were delivered to customers be­tween January and December 2023. This represents an increase of +9.4%.

In Europe, sales of BMW and MINI vehicles totalled 942,805 units for the full year 2023 (+7.5%).

In China, the BMW Group sold 824,932 BMW and MINI vehicles in 2023 (+4.2%).

In Germany, 281,986 BMW and MINI vehicles were registered during this period.

BMW Group sales in Q4/YTD December 2023 at a glance

  4th quarter 2023 Compared with previous year % YTD December 2023 Compared with previous year %
BMW Group Automotive 718,778 +10.3% 2,555,341 +6.5%
BMW 632,568 +11.6% 2,253,835 +7.3%
– BMW M GmbH 58,865 +11.5% 202,530 +14.3%
MINI 84,733 +1.3% 295,474 +0.9%
BMW Group electrified’ 181,075 +20.3% 566,486 +30.6%
BMW Group BEV 129,316 +47.7% 376,183 +74.4%
Rolls-Royce 1,477 +11.9% 6,032 +0.2%
BMW Motorrad 44,349 +1.8% 209,257 +3.1%

‘BEVs and PHEVs

  4th quarter 2023 Compared with previous year oh YTD December 2023 Compared with previous year ok
Europe 272,686 +10.2% 942,805 +7.5%
Germany2 76,039 +12.3% 281,986 +11.7%
Asia 286,953 +10.2% 1,070,142 +4.1%
China 222,021 +11.5% 824,932 +4.2%
Americas 142,287 +8.1% 480,380 +9.3%
USA 118,609 +5.8% 395,741 +9.4%

‘Provisional registration figures

The delivery figures reported in this press release are provisional and may change up until the BMW Group Report 2023 is published. Notes on how delivery figures are prepared can be found in the BMW Group Report 2022 on p. 67.