100 Hyundai eco-friendly hybrids to join Ajman Taxi fleet

Ajman Transport Authority Introduces 100 Hyundai Eco-Friendly Hybrid Vehicles to Ajman Taxi Fleet
The Ajman Transport Authority has signed an agreement with Juma Al Majid Co., the exclusive distributor for Hyundai in the UAE, to procure 100 Hyundai eco-friendly hybrid vehicles. These cutting-edge cars, which run on both petrol and electricity, bring sustainability to the forefront of the Ajman taxi fleet. The partnership highlights a mutual commitment to innovation and eco-conscious practices. This initiative aims to boost customer satisfaction by improving the commuting experience through enhanced comfort and greener travel options.

100 Hyundai eco-friendly hybrids procured by Ajman Transport Authority

His Excellency Omar Mohammed Lootah, Director General of the Transport Authority, underscored the Authority’s steadfast dedication to developing strong partnerships, particularly with Hyundai, to bolster the United Arab Emirates’ efforts toward sustainability. This alignment with the nation’s strategic goals is reflected in the Ajman Transport Authority’s active role in environmental conservation and its pledge to create a greener transportation infrastructure. Working in tandem with essential partners, the Authority pursues these eco-friendly objectives to improve the living standards within the emirate of Ajman.  

Suliman Al-Zaben, Director of Hyundai UAE, expressed his delight with this collaboration and said: “Our partnership with the Ajman Transport Authority exemplifies our mutual commitment to offering sustainable and forward-thinking transportation solutions to customers across the country. Given Hyundai’s profound dedication to sustainability and its efforts to minimize environmental impact, we continuously aim to enhance our services and products. We remain steadfast in our pursuit to uphold a prominent position as a leading company in the realm of environmentally friendly transport.”  

He proceeded to highlight that the vehicle’s robust engines deliver uniqueness behind the wheel, while its state-of-the-art hybrid technologies ensure seamless and comfortable travel. The integration of advanced systems, such as the cluster display and multimedia navigation, offers drivers enhanced control. Additionally, the cabin features extensive lighting, ventilated front seats, and a premium BOSE sound system, all contributing to an enriched journey for both driver and passengers.  

Furthermore, the model incorporates an array of sophisticated safety measures. High Beam Assist (HBA) and Smart Cruise Control (SCC) work in concert to foster safe and stress-free driving, while the inclusion of rear passenger alert technology reaffirms the attention to detail in passenger security. Collectively, these bolster safety and refine the overall in-vehicle experience for all.  

This initiative represents a tangible stride towards realizing the environmental objectives of both parties, aligning seamlessly with the vision of the UAE government and paving the way for a more sustainable future.