5 Essentials a Gentleman Driver must have

Porsche Design introduces Patrick Dempsey as new eyewear ambassador
Nothing about being an automotive enthusiast is boring today. You could be a fan of muscle cars, old classics or the modern day electric cars and there is something for everyone out there today. Expressing your love for cars could not get any easier. Most people just stick with T shirts from their favorite car brand but we have gone a bit further and rounded up 5 essentials a gentleman driver must have today.

Face Masks

Safety is paramount today. We came across some really comfortable, stylish face masks that protect you and others around you while you are sharing a ride with someone or out in public.

The masks come in a set of 3 pieces, featuring some of the most iconic Outlierman designs: Posh, Type 75 Atlantic and World Beater. Stretchy ear loops to ensure tightness on any size face. Adjustable wire nose fitting to ensure tight seal and comfort over long periods, the masks are Washable and reusable.

Gentleman Tips: when you take off your mask you can place it in the pocket of you jacket as a pocket square! Have a close look at these masks here.

Porsche Design Sun Glasses

The new Porsche design sunglasses, as seen on Patrick Dempsey, are perfect for all road and weather conditions due to new technology Polarized XTR lenses. The glasses not only feature a high-performance polarization filter and UV400 protection, but a contrast-enhancer that absorbs blue light components better than conventional lenses. Here is a wide range of eye wear for you to choose from.

Leather Driving Gloves

Next on our list are  authentic race MK2 gloves from The Outlierman. Elegance and a racing flavor run head-to-head in the evolution of an iconic driving gloves model. The Outlierman Inspired by the style of Gentlemen Drivers, the design is enriched with contrasting leather inserts that emphasize the profile of the fingers and the piping. It enhances the authentic taste of a driving gloves collection in Nappa lambskin entirely handmade in Italy by master craftsmen.  You can have a detailed look at the MK2 gloves here.

Distinctive Socks

In the year 2021, there are many ways to display your auto enthusiasm than just branded T-shirts—There are some brilliantly detailed socks available online. Heel Tread’s designs cover much of the automotive world and feature iconic styles such as the Gulf livery, BMW’s M division’s classic colors, and the same plaid pattern used on the original Volkswagen GTI. These colorful socks will let you represent your favorite automotive brand even when you’re in a suit and tie.

Perfume Atomizer 

The Perfume Atomizer takes your favorite fragrance and releases the scent at predetermined intervals, making the interior of car smell as you prefer. It is as much ideal for the gentleman driver as much for the passengers, It keeps the car’s cabin smelling nice and fresh. A simple search on amazon reveals a wide range of atomizers, some cost up to US$ 5,000. Hope you have enjoyed this list, Juan and Rob are working on some essentials for women drivers as well, Stay Tuned!  
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