Presto Tyres Trading


Presto Tyres Trading specialize in premium automotive services and adventure tyres in Dubai.

They promise to ensure professional tyre care reducing any potential flat tyres or blowout. Whether you’re searching for the perfect tyres for your car, off road jeep, performance vehicle, 4×4 vans, trucks or that beasty SUV.

Presto Tyres provide a wide selection of all season tires in Dubai, as well as speciality tyres that are suitable to fit virtually any brand and model of car.

Tyre Fitting & Filling
Tyre Replacement
Flat Tyre Repair
Nitrogen Filling
Mobile Tyre Repair
Regular Rotation

Other Services include

BatteriesNitrogen AirFilling
Engine problems and Fluids
Recovery services
Mechanical servicing

Presto Tyres Trading Contact:

126 Al Rasaas Rd – Dubai, Al Qouz 3, UAE

Hours of operation⋅ 8:00 AM to 6 PM everyday (Friday Closed)

Phone:+971 4 380 4022
Mob: +971 55 582 10 11

Review overview

Service Level8
Customer Service7.9