Only 30 in the world, This is one of the Rarest Bugatti Supercars.

The EB110 is one of the rarest, and most technologically advanced supercars of its time


The Bugatti EB110 GT started production in 1988, and was revealed on the 15th September 1991. It was named after Ettore Bugatti, the founder of Bugati Automobiles, and launched 110 years after his birth on his birthday. Hence the car was named EB110.  The car was unveiled in Paris, at the Grande Arche de la Defense and at Versailles.

This 90’s supercar was designed to push boundaries, from both technical and design aspects. At that time, the EB110’s carbon fibre chassis was cutting edge for the automotive industry. With the EB110, Bugatti built its most technologically advanced engine, The 3.5 liter V12 attached to 12 individual throttles, four turbochargers and a six-speed manual gearbox.

Bugatti built a mere 30 EB110s, and left the most extreme engineer to their super sport model, the EB110 SS which produced 610 bhp and could from 0-100km/h in just 3.26 seconds.

The SS engine was built with a new exhaust system and larger injectors and though it had a much powerful engine that the regular EB110, another reason to its increased power and speed was the extra weight-loss. The SS was stripped off over 160 kilograms.

Bugatti EB110 GT Exterior

The EB110 SS also had an updated exterior, with a fixed rear spoiler, an aggressive front bumper, and brake cooling vents behind the front wheels. The bonnet, engine cover and venturi undertray were now carbon fibre, again the focus being to improve performance through reduced weight. The side windows were also removed and replaced with five air inlet holes for the engine bay.

The SS also took inspiration from the pre-war Bugatti type 55 and incorporated the magnesium rims, pedals and cam covers. Changes were made across the interior as well with Recaro leather seats, a simplified transmission tunnel, to make the car even more lighter and sportier. Being only manufactured 30 of the EB110 SS which makes it one of the rarest, but at the same time the most technologically advanced supercar of its time.