You can now reserve Lucid Air in the UAE for only AED 3,800

Lucid Air
Designed in California and freed from the rules of traditional automotive design, the ingeniously packaged Lucid Air reinvents the very concept of a luxury sedan, redefining shape, proportion, and dimension. The Lucid Air generates 1080 horsepower and has a travel range of over 800 kilometers when fully charged. There is a fast charging option as well that is able to deliver over 450 kilometers of range in only 20 minutes. Lucid Air With super fast and heart racing acceleration, the Lucid Air is able to reach 0 – 100 kilometers per hour in only 2.5 seconds. It has a co-efficient drag of only 0.21. There is a solid glass canopy roof that is framed in satin-finish aluminum and spans the entire cabin nearly without interruption. Occupants both front and rear will enjoy the incredible view. The indoor-outdoor vibe of California’s midcentury architecture inspired this signature roof design, which blurs the line between car and nature Lucid Air Interior There is a fully refundable reservation for a Lucid Air and it will secure your place in line when deliveries begin. After you’ve placed your reservation, you’re free to modify any existing configuration – or create and save new configurations in your Lucid Account. Click here to reserve your new Lucid Air for only AED 3,800.
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