Volkswagen showcases ‘Art of Confidence’ exhibition at Alserkal Art Week


United Arab Emirates: March 23, 2021 – The all-new T-Roc has arrived in the Middle East and Volkswagen Middle East is launching the vehicle into the market through a campaign entitled ‘Born Confident’. The all-new T-Roc 2021 is the newest member of the growing line-up of Volkswagen SUVs and is the brand’s first Crossover. Its striking design and dynamism represent a playful take on Volkswagen’s current design language. Coupled with innovative technology and safety features, the T-Roc comes with the powerful 1.4TSI engine delivering 150hp of high performance and style at an affordable price.

As part of the Born Confident campaign, the brand has commissioned four local artists to create artworks that convey what confidence means to them, forming the Art of Confidence exhibition which will run at Alserkal Art Week from 22nd to 27th March.

In line with its new brand focus, Volkswagen Middle East uses the Born Confident campaign to put people first by focusing on regional people’s stories that inspire others to keep moving forward.

The uniqueness of the T-Roc is what inspired the Born Confident campaign. Being born confident is staying true to oneself, which can mean having to stand out and challenge the status quo of society.

The Art of Confidence exhibition sees four local artists, Raheed Allaf, Mahra Almehairi, Saad Boujane and Clementine Paradies create works that express what confidence means to them.

Raheed Allaf is a Saudi Arabian artist and multimedia designer using various mediums to express herself. Her artwork is inspired by childhood colour by numbers books when her mother challenged her to colour outside the lines. Mahra Almehairi is an Emirati photographer telling a confidence story through portraits of people holding their confidence charms near to them.

Saad Boujane is a Moroccan architect using a range of materials to document his work and his work is expressed through distorted angles which ushers in a new age of bold, daring and progressive art. Clementine Paradies experiments using words as part of their overall work, seeing them create a triptych combining the ocean and mirrors where the audience will feel as though they’re at sea and their self-confidence is keeping them afloat.

Alserkal Art Week formed the perfect backdrop to launch the Art of Confidence exhibition as part of the T-Roc Born Confident Campaign.

The Volkswagen Middle East Born Confident campaign also features a short film with renowned Saudi Arabian gamer, Nour AlKhadra and Saudi Arabian DJ, Nouf Sufyani. Nour AlKhadra challenged the status quo by pursuing a career in gaming, which is not perceived as a traditional vocation in the region. Nouf Sufyani set out as a dentist but switched to become one of Saudi Arabia’s first female DJ’s taking a bold, unconventional career path.

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