UAE motorists need to watch out for these 4 new Traffic fines

To make roads safer for pedestrians, new traffic fines and black points will be introduced soon in the UAE.
  1. Motorist speeding through crossings and not giving priority to pedestrians, fine of Dhs500 and 6 black points.
  2. For stopping your vehicle on the pedestrian crossing itself, fine of Dhs500
  3. For stopping your vehicle in a way that threatens pedestrians or their safe passage across the road, fine of Dhs400
  4. Parking of vehicle on the pavement, fine of Dhs400.
Studies have shown that most accidents happen in Abu Dhabi due to lack of priority given to the pedestrians. The police have urged the motorist to be extra cautions and vigilant around pedestrians and lower the speed near crosswalks, schools and industrial areas. The pedestrians have also been cautioned to cross only from designated areas to ensure their safety and the safety of the other road users. AI TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION TO HELP IMPLEMENT THE NEW TRAFFIC FINES Abu Dhabi police will soon activate devices “Hather” based on artificial intelligence systems (the trial for which is nearly concluded) to give priority to pedestrians while at crosswalks. These will mainly be installed in school areas and pedestrian heavy crossings. Each device comes with two screens and two cameras for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. One camera will scan the license plate while the other is used for visual analysis. The central unit will monitor the pedestrian crossings and surrounding areas.
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