UAE fuel price for November 2019 announced

petrol price UAE

UAE Fuel Price Committee has announced revised petrol prices for the month of November 2019.

UAE Fuel price November 2019:

• Super 98: AED 2.20 per liter

• Special 95: AED 2.09 per liter

• Diesel: AED 2.38 per liter

All prices include the 5% VAT.

SUPER 98 Month on Month price 2019:

January:  AED 2
February: AED 1.95
March: AED 2.04
April: AED 2.23
May: AED 2.48
June: AED 2.53
July: AED 2.30
August: AED 2.37
Septemer: AED 2.28
October: AED 2.24

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