Toll gates to be implemented in Abu Dhabi from October 15th 2019

Abu Dhabi Road Toll
The Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transportation has announced that toll gates will be implemented in the capital city from October 15th 2019. Abu Dhabi toll collection gates are located at the 4 main bridges of the city
  • Sheikh Zayed Bridge
  • Sheikh Khalifa Bridge
  • Mussafah Bridge
  • Al Maqta’a Bridge
In the first phase, four toll gates have been installed and vehicles passing through will have to pay AED 4 for every time they pass during the two hour maximum rush windows of (7am-9am and 5pm-7pm) between Saturday and Thursday. The toll will be halved to AED 2 during non-rush hours along with Fridays and public holidays. Payment for this toll will be made through an online vehicle registration system which will be launched on August 30th. All Abu Dhabi registered vehicles are to be automatically registered free of cost. All other vehicles must manually register in the system before crossing any toll gate.

Abu Dhabi Toll Fines:

  • There is a ten business days grace period starting from the time the vehicle crosses to register into the system before a fine is applied.  Fine for the 1st day is AED 100, 2nd day is AED 200, 3rd day is AED 400 until a maximum of AED10,000.
  • Any non-Abu Dhabi registered vehicle crossing the toll gates without sufficient balance in the account will result into a fine of AED 50 for each day after the end of the 10 business day grace period.
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