Renault Duster: An enduring legacy of performance

Renault Duster: An enduring legacy of flair, performance, and versatility
No matter what you drive, which brand you prefer, or what your automotive technology expectations are, if there is one name in the SUV category that ticks all the boxes and has redefined the modern-day SUV, it is the Renault Duster. For years now, the Duster has been one of the brand’s most loved and admired SUVs, and for all the right reasons. Every new edition has only taken that standard a notch above.

What sets the Duster apart?

The Renault Duster reinforces its adventurous persona, ready to join you on all your journeys, and shine the brightest in the galaxy of family-friendly SUVs. A sturdy chassis, increased ground clearance, and high-tech features come together to create an impressive SUV that will set you on the path of remarkable discoveries and the hidden joys of travelling.

Renault Duster’s  exteriors crafted for excellence:

The all-terrain world of the Duster, with its standout design, grille, and signature lighting, means you will be noticed everywhere you go. Its dynamic, robust, and ultra-modern design is made to express fearlessness. The latest edition boasts a new front-end, roof bars, and expressive, modern, and robust lines. It wouldn’t be surprising for you to take out a moment to admire your Duster before every drive. The new roof bars are much more than just an addition to the looks, it fulfils the highest requirements of sturdiness, making room for recreational equipment like bicycles or skateboards. What’s new this time around are the prominent door-side protectors and wing extenders, the statement front, rear, and side style bars, and a practical tool-free removable towbar.

Indulging interiors for unmatched luxury:

With its ergonomic and high-quality interiors, complemented by the highly modular layout of the seats, the interiors are adjustable to your needs. The car’s 1/3 –2/3 foldable bench seat and numerous storage options will make all your adventures a breeze. The redesigned Duster dashboard is also capable of making your life easier with new adjustment systems for the driver’s seat and steering wheel. What more would you ask for? The Duster carries the enduring legacy of the SUV while making the right improvements and adding the right amount of innovation with every edition. Renault Duster is all that an SUV should be from interiors, exteriors, engines, and safety. Drive yours home today by visiting a conveniently located Arabian Automobiles showroom.