Renault Dokker: The most stylish van

Renault Dokker
What do you think of when someone mentions a van? Do you picture a longer four-wheeler that parents of big families use to drop off and pick up their kids? Perhaps you envision a plain-looking vehicle that is just used to deliver mail and packages? Get ready to change that perception with the Renault Dokker

Picture this:

Would you believe it if we said vans are an absolutely incredible combination of fun and utility, with uncompromised comfort to take you across the emirates for work or play? Whether you are planning a road trip with your loved ones or looking to move items around for individual purposes or as part of a company fleet, make sure you assign the Renault Dokker as your go-to vehicle.

Switch to this:

The Renault Dokker Van is a functional utility vehicle with an aesthetic that defies the nature of the car. It combines the lustrousness of the solid lines and perfectly placed curves to express its dynamic and robust performance. With a high beltline, bodyside moldings, and protected headlights, the Dokker presents an assertive look unlike any other van in its class.

Moving things around? The Renault Dokker has this:

To make it easier to drive equipment around the city, the Dokker has eight lashing rings on the floor. Not enough? Four extra lashing rings on the sides are available as an option. One of the major design features is the sliding side door granting you easy access to the cargo area. The Renault Dokker Van has the widest opening in its category (703 mm), making it convenient when you need to park in a tight spot, and its cargo threshold height of 57 cm comes in very handy.

Does cargo need better arrangement? The Renault Dokker  has this, too:

Need to organize your usable cargo area? The full partition comes with a window to separate the loading space from the driving position. You can also opt for a modular layout with a rotating partition to load objects of up to 3.11 m – the freedom and convenience of choice are yours with this van. You can maximize your loading capacity with the Renault Easy Seat, a removable front passenger seat to gain 0.6 meters of added space and bump your storage space to 3.9 cubic meters.

In a nutshell:

Unlike most vans you have known and seen, the Renault Dokker blends technology, safety, and performance like no other in its grade, making it a stand-out car that is as convenient as it is functional. The Dokker also exudes style without compromising on its power to deliver, making it an ideal vehicular partner, whether you own a business in the UAE with a fleet that operates between Dubai Internet City and Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah or want to put as many people as possible in the car with you to head out to your next getaway. Visit your nearest Arabian Automobiles showroom or R-Store in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates to uncover potential.