UAE Builds its First Hypercar

A New Hypercar Called Dragon by AJLANI MOTORS To Be Released in UAE
UAE is to yet again pen golden words in the history books when its first Hypercar is unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show in November. Production of a wonderful automobile is no easy task. It actually takes plenty of time making plans and conceptualizing it into manufacturing. In order to produce a wonder, numerous factors need to be taken under consideration which includes layout, acceleration, top speed, coping with the power-to-weight ratio, style, rarity and many other things. Having your name sit down among the big leagues calls for a whole lot of hard work and perseverance. Many corporations have tried their best to provide supercars, but have not succeded. In 2012, W Motors released a car named Lykan Hypersport, it turned into the first Arab supercar to be produced in the United Arab Emirates. W Motors had succeeded in breaking the mold, however not among the elites. The manufacturing of the car was limited to just seven units.


A new enterprise called Ajlani Motors hopes to alternate that, and have currently launched a supercar named “Dragon”. Not much has been disclosed about this mysterious supercar, but it’s been inside the works beyond five years beneath the radar with intensive design research and development, it’ll be unveiled in the following month at the 2019 Dubai Motor Show. The news seems trustworthy since Aljani Motors is enlisted as one of the exhibitors, so we can be sure the car will be up on display on the Dubai World Trade Centre. A New Hypercar Called Dragon by AJLANI MOTORS To Be Released in UAE However, not much has been disclosed, aside from some teaser photographs of the car lurking within the shadows. A New Hypercar Called Dragon by AJLANI MOTORS To Be Released in UAE A New Hypercar Called Dragon by AJLANI MOTORS To Be Released in UAE From what we can see from the teaser video, the low-slung hypercar seems to feature flying and possibly having a mid-engined layout. The hex-angular piece lit in crimson seems to be a huge exhaust, therefore we’re aiming to assume the car is provided with a combustion engine as opposed to an all-electric powered powertrain.
Ajlani Motors - the unveiling
The extremely wide fender flares hint the hypercar rides on ultra-fat tires. While the vertical third visual signal may be incorporated in a very central fin. The outside styling was galvanized and therefore the vehicle’s spectacular performance can match the wild styling.  The automobile has cut doors holding the slender aspect mirrors positioned on long pillars necessary to supply some variety of rear visibility behind those wide hips. Ajlani hopes that this news will attract some interest to seek out capitalist, once the Dragon is placed into production. Until then, we all would have to patiently wait and follow them on their Facebook page.
  • Performance - /10
  • Driving Pleasure - /10
  • Look and Style - /10
  • Fuel Economy - /10
  • Value for Money - /10
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