Must See Dubai Police SuperCars

Some of these cars are worth over 1 million US$

Dubai Police started adding supercars to its fleet in April 2013 with Lamborghini Aventador being the first one Ferrari FF was added to the fleet shortly afterwards Dubai police’s Bugatti Veyron is certified by Guinness World Records as the fastest police car in the world. This modified supercar has a top speed of 400 kph and can go from 0 to 100 kph in 2.5 seconds. The limited-edition Aston Martin One-77 is the second fastest in the fleet, reaching a top speed of 352 kph. It shoots to a  0-100 kph in just under 3.7 seconds. Bentley Continental GT with a top speed of 330 kph is the fifth-fastest car in the fleet. The luxury supercar goes from 0 to 100 kph in just under 4 seconds. Audi R8 is next on this list, recording a top speed of 328 mph, with a 0-to-100-kph time of only 3.2 seconds.
Juan Manuel
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