MICHELIN Primacy Series tyres make MENA region debut

MICHELIN e.PRIMACY and MICHELIN Primacy4+ launched in the MICHELIN Primacy Series
From June 15th, 2022, drivers of city cars, sedans and SUVs in the Middle East and North Africa region can fit their internal combustion, hybrid or electric vehicle with recently launched next generation MICHELIN Primacy range of tyres. This new category of tyres represents a compelling blend of high performance, fuel efficiency and sustainable mobility.


Talking about the launch, Naser Shashaa, Vice President – Michelin Middle East & North Africa said: “We are thrilled about bringing the next generation of Michelin Primacy Series tyres to the region. These latest generations tyres have something for the entire gamut of vehicles that are popular in the region- from sedans and SUVs to electric cars. We are also introducing the most recently unveiled MICHELIN e.PRIMACY in the region, a perfect choice for anyone who wants a sustainable and  affordable tyre that delivers safety, grip and durability performance benefits for which MICHELIN tyres are known world over.”  

MICHELIN e.PRIMACY, the first eco-designed MICHELIN tyre made to last

  • Lowest rolling resistance in its category(2)(3), resulting in fuel savings, reduced CO2 emissions and increased range for electric vehicles(4)(5)
  • Designed to deliver a high level of performance from the first to the last kilometer(3)(6)

First eco-designed MICHELIN tyre

Developed on the basis of a life-cycle assessment, MICHELIN e.PRIMACY delivers high performance for users while reducing their environmental impact.  

Rolling resistance champion in its category(2)(3)

Low rolling resistance offers multiple benefits for users depending on their vehicle type:

  • For drivers of internal combustion vehicles, it can reduce fuel consumption by up to 0.21 liters per 100 kilometers (4), representing a saving of €80(5) over the tyre’s road life.
  • For the planet, the reduction in CO2 emissions can be estimated at 174 kg over the tyre’s road life, (5) corresponding to the avoided CO2 emissions from a vehicle traveling more than 1,600 kilometers.(8)
  • For electric vehicles, the MICHELIN e.PRIMACY tyre can increase range by up to 7%.(4)

Designed for lasting performance

The MICHELIN e.PRIMACY tyre delivers high performance from the first to the last kilometer(3)(6). Tread life is extended thanks to MaxTouch Construction technologyTM, which maximizes contact with the road to distribute pressure more evenly during braking and acceleration.  

Available in select few countries in 46 SKUs, from 15 to 20 inches and for all vehicle types including hybrid and electric vehicles, MICHELIN e.PRIMACY is spearheading a new generation of eco-designed MICHELIN tyres and is particularly well suited for the transition of the industry to electric or hybrid mobility.

The MICHELIN Primacy 4+ tire: ever greater safety from the first mile to the last (2)(3)(4)

Michelin is also launching its new MICHELIN Primacy 4+ summer tyre, designed for sedans and SUVs, for everyday journeys and long family trips. It stands out with its better braking performance on wet ground when worn (4), offering ever greater safety from the first mile to the last. It owes this performance to the MICHELIN EverGrip technology, which cleverly combines two layers of rubber in order to offset the loss of tread depth and thus continue to better evacuate water when worn.  

Safety from the first mile to the last, and a long life characterize the MICHELIN Primacy 4+ summer tyre, will be offered in multiple dimensions from 16-19 inches starting Q2 2022.