Michelin launches Pilot Sport Series Tyres for MENA


Michelin today announced the introduction of two more range of products for the Middle East and North African markets. MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 and MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV will cater to a wide range of automotive and super car enthusiasts.

 Naser Shashaa, Vice President – Michelin Middle East & North Africa said: “At Michelin we never stop innovating to enable people to move around more freely, safely and to live a better life in motion. This best-in-class Pilot Series range of tyres launched today will cater to a wide spectrum of car enthusiasts- from electric sports car owners to sports car and high-performance sedan enthusiasts who looks for high performances throughout the tyres life span”

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV: The first MICHELN Pilot Sport-family tyre designed specifically for electric sports cars

  • The first MICHELN tyre engineered to meet the specific handling and range requirements of electric sports car owners
  • Low road-noise for superior travelling comfort
  • Result of the unique experience acquired by Michelin in Formula E

Available on a select few dimensions from July 2022, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV delivers; Optimal grip on dry and wet roads – irrespective of the tyre’s level of wear – taking into account the higher weight and weight-distribution characteristics associated with electric sports cars.

It is outstanding resistance to wear  in respond to the high torque and acceleration forces that typify this type of car. The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV’s very low rolling resistance extends range by up to 60 kilometres to enable drivers to enjoy the potential of their electric sports car to the full .

 Twenty percent less perceptible road noise thanks to MICHELIN AcousticTM technology which takes the form of a custom-developed polyurethane foam that reduces cabin noise for even greater enjoyment behind the wheel of electric vehicles available in most SKUs of Pilot Sport EV .

 The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV is the result of the unique experience Michelin has acquired in Formula E

A founding partner of Formula E, Michelin proposed a specific solution for the championship’s all-electric single seaters that is similar in its concept to a road tyre. The Michelin Formula E tyre is effectively capable of racing whatever the weather conditions, while its size – 18 inches – is consistent with current road-car norms.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV benefits directly from the progress Michelin has achieved over six seasons in Formula E and incorporates ElectricGrip CompoundTM technology which features a hard compound for the centre of the tread to provide the grip required to cope with the high torque characteristics of electric sports cars. Meanwhile, the sidewalls of the latest addition to the MICHELIN Pilot Sport family carry over the same pattern and velvet-finish markings of Michelin’s Formula E tyre.

Michelin is currently the only manufacturer that is active in the original-equipment and replacement electric sports car tyre market. The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV will be available in a choice of 34 sizes in 2022 combining original equipment as well as replacement market sizes from 19” to 22” rims. Further line extension is expected in 2023.