MG Motor to raise standards of after sales service in KSA

MG Motor to Raise Standards of After Sales Service in Saudi Arabia and Beyond with Opening of Major Spare Parts Facility
  • New 6,000 square metre facility to further strengthen MG’s customer-satisfaction.
  • The signing ceremony in Dubai, UAE, marks the beginning of the new chapter between MG and Jiad Modern Motors, a Mohamed Yousuf Naghi company (MYN), the official distributor of MG in KSA.
  • Parts Warehouse set to commence operations in July 2024.
  • Facility will primarily serve the Saudi market but will also handle urgent orders across the GCC and Levant
(27 May 2024, Middle East) MG Motor, in collaboration with Jiad Modern Motors, a Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Company (MYN), has announced it will open a new spare parts warehouse in Saudi Arabia this July. The new warehouse will enhance the availability and distribution of spare parts for all current MG vehicles across Saudi Arabia, the GCC, and the Levant. In partnership with one of the world’s leading logistics providers, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, this strategic initiative reinforces the brand’s commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction in the region.

MG Motor Opens Second Regional Warehouse

The new warehouse, situated in Jeddah’s industrial area 4, Al Khumra, will be MG’s second regional warehouse in the GCC, complementing the existing facility in the UAE. It is poised to substantially impact the current parts availability rate in the Kingdom, which is already an impressive 96.2 percent. Phase I of the project will cover a vast area of 6,000 square metres, providing ample space to store and distribute a wide range of spare parts. While the primary focus of this facility will be the Saudi Arabian market, it will also be equipped to handle urgent orders across the GCC region and the Levant.  

The new warehouse is designed to ensure rapid delivery times, providing a sense of reassurance to its customers. With this facility, MG owners in Saudi Arabia can now expect to receive spare parts within 48 hours, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing the overall ownership experience. This swift supply chain response underscores MG’s commitment to customer-centricity, placing convenience and peace of mind for MG owners at the forefront. It is a testament to MG’s dedication to bolster its market presence in Saudi Arabia, a key market for the brand’s growth strategy.  

The new warehouse results from a collaboration between MG and Jiad Modern Motors, a Mohamed Yousuf Naghi company, which has been pivotal to the brand’s recent success in Saudi Arabia following the partnership’s launch towards the end of 2023. As customers’ demand for MG vehicles increases, the warehouse will improve Jiad Modern Motors’ customer centricity and best-in-class after-sales support.  

Managing Director of MG Motor Middle East Tom Lee, who presided over the signing ceremony in Dubai, commented: “This year, as we celebrate our centenary, we are proud to announce new product launches and significant infrastructure developments. Our commitment to MG customers in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East is a crucial factor behind establishing this warehouse, which will strengthen our efforts to provide unparalleled service and support to MG owners.”  

The collaboration with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a key pillar of this initiative, instilling confidence in the efficient operation of the warehouse service. Leveraging Hellmann’s extensive expertise in logistics and supply chain management, MG Motor is poised to strengthen its customer service infrastructure in the Middle East. By improving the availability of spare parts and reducing delivery times, MG aims to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. This initiative also reflects the brand’s recognition of the importance of the Saudi market and its potential for future growth.