Maserati participates in the Motor Valley Fest 2024

Maserati participation in Motor Valley Fest 2024
Modena, Italy, 30 April 2024 – From Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 May, Maserati will be involved in the sixth Motor Valley Fest. In the land of engines, the big names in Italian motoring will join guests from around the world and an international audience to take stock of the present and future of mobility, closely examining the universe of challenges and opportunities that the new electric era brings with him.

The city of Modena, a UNESCO world heritage site and home of the Trident, is ready to open its doors to lovers of two and four wheel vehicles from all over Italy and beyond, for an event characterized by the deep passion that over the years has made it possible to realize the dreams of the people who have achieved global greatness for this area and its illustrious brands.

Motor Valley Fest 

The festival will be an opportunity to admire the Maserati GranCabrio Trofeo for the first time in Italy. The new star of the Trident range will be on display in the Courtyard of Palazzo Ducale, the home of the Modena Military Academy.

The convertible version of the iconic GranTurismo will be “dressed” in the sophisticated Night Interaction livery, with contrasting red interiors to enhance its sporting soul – the drive and excitement guaranteed by its 542-hp V6 Nettuno twin turbo engine, the pride of Maserati’s motor production – the maximum expression of grand touring in a modern guise, with the latest generation technology to provide the most engaging drive; a car created to savour freedom caressed by the wind, and enjoy maximum space for four passengers.  

Fast, powerful, elegant, perfect for having fun in complete safety and comfort, while at the same time travelling long distances in travel mode, alone or in company, the GranCabrio Trofeo is exceptional in all respects. The sporty, decisive but classy design, and the dynamic and snappy lines are accentuated when the roof is lowered, to reveal a passenger compartment which in the open air version expresses all the beauty of the artisanal details and the most sophisticated technology.  

The GranCabrio Trofeo is the star of a long history of successes in the world of the Trident’s open-top cars. A car created to enjoy the experience behind the wheel in complete symbiosis with the landscape that surrounds us, enveloped by the unmistakable music of the Nettuno engine, without sacrificing the stylistic and design characteristics that define Maserati’s most extreme and exclusive production.  

Maserati, the first Italian luxury brand to produce 100% electric models in the Motor Valley, will be seated at the Motor Valley top table during the inaugural conference of the event, scheduled for the morning of 2nd May at the Luciano Pavarotti Municipal Theatre. Giovanni Perosino, Marketing and Communication Officer of the Modena brand will be attending together with representatives of the other manufacturers who have made the industrial heart of Emilia-Romagna famous throughout the world.  

On the same day, the Teatro del Collegio di San Carlo will host Talent Talks to tell students about the automotive world, the professionals within it and the academic paths needed to join it. Maserati will again contribute with its own story of passion and creations that have marked and written the history of the car, thanks to the work of women and men who still today ensure that the Trident remains in the Olympus of the most desired brands in the world.  

Giovanni Perosino, Marketing and Communication Officer Maserati: “Every year the Motor Valley Fest is an opportunity to bring together all the excellence concentrated in this single and particular area, where historic brands such as Maserati were born and have grown – this year we celebrate the milestone of 110 years of the brand – and which continue to write important pages in the history of the motoring industry, motor sport and mobility, now more than ever at the centre of a real revolution. The festival is a unique opportunity to share thoughts on the present and future of the automotive industry, following a proven and engaging formula. Maserati is a 100% Italian brand, 100% “Made in Modena”, a standard bearer of “pure Italian luxury”, currently involved in the development of its 100% electric Folgore range. The Motor Valley Fest is an opportunity to remind ourselves how much progress and history has been made, and how much more we will make, in this corner of the world.”