KMAX S EXTREME GEN2 tires designed by Goodyear for hot climate

KMAX S EXTREME GEN2 tires designed by Goodyear for hot climate

Dubai, UAE, 11 October, 2023 – The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has launched its second-generation range of special KMAX S EXTREME GEN2 on-road long-haul tires designed specifically to deal with hot climate countries in the Middle East & Africa region. In addition to reducing operating costs and maximizing tire life under high ambient temperature, the second generation boasts a minimum of 20% increase in mileage on the steer axle compared to first generation[i].

KMAX S EXTREME GEN2 developed specifically for hot climate countries 

The team at Goodyear achieved this by optimizing tread arc width and fine-tunning the cavity shape of the tire – all resulting in significant improvement of regular wear. The steer axle is considered the most critical and sensitive for various performance criteria including its impact on safety.

Saban Gungor, General Manager of Goodyear Middle East & Africa, said, “The highly sophisticated KMAX EXTREME tire range, is yet another demonstration of our successful 125-year legacy of delivering tailored tire products to our customers. The development of this steer tire demonstrates our dedication to improve clients’ performance while keeping up with the constantly evolving market demands.”

Other improvements of the KMAX S EXTREME GEN2 includes a reinforced carcass and the cool running tread compound. Its chemical formulation and physical properties allow it to stay intact even in high ambient temperatures equating to high milage in extremely hot climates such as in GCC and reduced heat generation.

“The KMAX S EXTREME GEN2 steer tire effectively expands the KMAX tire range and further support our fleet customers achieve a better cost per kilometer,” said Hamzeh Afaneh, Director of Commercial Business, Middle East & Africa. “

To develop the GEN2 range, the innovation team at Goodyear in Luxembourg gathered feedback across multiple markets in the Gulf, identified improvement areas and tested the newly developed tires with multiple fleets in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The KMAX Extreme tire range exemplifies Goodyear’s commitment to sustainability. The tires are both retreadable and regroovable, enabling fleets to optimize their tire assets and environmental footprint.