INFINITI QX50: Expect the unexpected

INFINITI QX50: Expect the unexpected

The INFINITI QX50 is an innovation with character, it is for those who dare to be different and extravagance reimagined for those who live it in their everyday.

Upgraded to the best:

The QX50 is what you get when you raise your expectations beyond boundaries and reach for the absolute best — in every way. The INFINITI QX50 is a picture-perfect combination of style, design, and performance. Engineered to perfection for the contemporary age with technologies and features that are as sophisticated as they are effortless, it has one key objective: Always get you to your destination with distinct elegance and stellar performance.

High tech and practical:

Underneath the hood is the 2.0-liter VC-Turbo engine that gives you the choice of sports responsiveness or eco-friendly efficiency, which is key for today’s fuel-conscious driver. Inside, drivers are granted quick access to everything that matters through Android™ Auto and Apple Car Play.

Additionally, Immersive Bose® Speakers, Remote Engine Start, and the QX50’s heads-up display make navigation and driving a never-ending enjoyment.

Class apart interiors:

With the QX50, stylish design meets innovative comfort. The cabin of the QX50 is an exemplary experience of what luxury should feel like. The fine craftsmanship and exquisite details make for a relaxing retreat, with an asymmetric design that makes the space personal and intricate.

The zero gravity seats make sure you are never tired as they ensure a neutral spine posture for the driver, while the second rows allow passengers to enjoy indulgent seating for superior levels of coziness, accentuated with a customized touch of lighting.

Designed for attention:

With its advanced design features, the INFINITI QX50 makes a bold statement. The finely contoured surfaces, powerful lines, and broad, decisive stance command attention. Bringing opposing components together to create harmony, the new QX50 exemplifies the concept of powerful elegance with the flow of art, grounded with a foundation of world-class engineering.

Each aspect of its design is exceptional. From the focused human-eye headlights and double-arch grille to the crescent-cut pillar and silhouette, everything about the QX50 is unmistakably INFINITI.

To find out more, visit the nearest INFINITI of Arabian Automobiles centers in Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates.