Grabber AT3 from General Tire as Original Equipment for Ford Ranger Raptor

Middle East, 30 March 2021. General Tire celebrates another original equipment success. The Ford Ranger Raptor is now exclusively fitted as standard with the award-winning all-terrain General Grabber AT3 tyre. The high-performance off-road pickup from Ford features a specially developed, motorsport-friendly chassis, the special qualities of which come into play at high speeds away from paved roads in particular. Like all vehicle manufacturers, Ford defines a wide range of specific requirements, which the Grabber AT3 more than met during intensive testing – including grip performance in wet and dry conditions, noise generation, mileage, reliability and stability. Independent tests published in the automotive trade press also prove that the Grabber AT3 is the measure of all things in the all-terrain tyre segment with its 50/50 design for balanced performance on the road and cross-country. In 2018, for instance, the tyre from General Tire was the overall winner among 16 competing products in a major performance comparison of all-terrain tyres conducted by SA 4×4 Magazine.

Grabber AT3

The main technical features of the General Grabber AT3 include TracGen and DuraGen technology. Thanks to its numerous grip edges in the innovative tread, TracGen ensures exceptional traction on loose surfaces and therefore offers the best transmission of drive and braking forces. The DuraGen technology, in turn, guarantees an extremely robust rubber compound. It ensures extra-strong stud rows and a long tyre service life, even when used on rough terrain. The high-strength steel belt construction also offers reliable stability under all permitted load conditions. The balanced tread geometry with uniform material distribution and low stiffness as well as the optimised arrangement of the tread blocks reduces vibrations in the tyre for maximum comfort and achieves an impressively low noise level. In addition, the General Grabber AT3 bears the snowflake symbol on its side wall and is therefore suitable for year-round use, even in wintery weather conditions. The Ranger Raptor is built for the global market in Silverton, South Africa. The vehicle is equipped ex works with the size LT 285/70 R17 116/113 S tyre in a robust light truck specification with additional reinforcement for special load capacity. This new size was added to the existing Grabber AT3 range during the development process with Ford and is now also available from the aftermarket. The tyres are produced at the Continental Tyre South Africa plant in Port Elizabeth.
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