Goodyear designs tire for Lancia Concept Vehicle


Dubai, UAE, April 2023 – Customization, aerodynamics, and design lie at the heart of the latest collaboration between Goodyear and the reborn Lancia brand.

Goodyear was selected as the manufacturer of choice to produce a bespoke tire for their new concept vehicle, Lancia Pu+Ra HPE.

Lancia Concept

Lancia Concept is the first vehicle of the new Lancia era, a 100% electric concept car that represents the vision of the brand in terms of design, interior home feeling, sustainability, electrification and technology.

Goodyear developed a unique concept tire for the vehicle which includes a customized tire sidewall design, providing a seamless integration of the vehicle’s rim with the tire, adding to the luxurious and premium look of the concept vehicle.

The tire sidewall provides a very high aerodynamic performance level, enhancing energy efficiency. It also has a specific construction to withstand instant electric car torque.

Laurent Colantonio, Goodyear Senior Director Technology Consumer EMEA said: “This year Goodyear celebrates its 125th anniversary, so this is a fantastic moment to partner with Lancia for the re-birth of their iconic brand, bringing two pioneers of the automotive world back together in a moment of glory.

“We are thrilled to have worked on this concept tire which made us think outside of the box regarding customization, aerodynamics, and design.

“It was essential to marry our technical expertise with Lancia’s so we could produce a seamless tire and rim combination which enhanced energy efficiency while remaining aesthetically pleasing.”