GM Middle East launches in-vehicle technology with Google built-in

GM Middle East launches new in-vehicle technology with Google built-in
MIDDLE EAST – Building on our vehicle intelligence technology goals and recent connectivity launches, General Motors Middle East has announced the introduction of infotainment systems with Google built-in. These new features enhance the overall customer experience and make it easier than ever for customers to bring their digital lives into future connected vehicles.

GM’s research1 shows that many customers prefer an embedded technology experience in the vehicle, and increasingly expect seamless integration between the technology in their hands and the technology at the wheel. Listening to customer feedback, GM has partnered with Google to bring new options for voice assistance, embedded navigation and in-vehicle applications starting with MY 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban as well as MY 2022 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL vehicles, live since December 2021 in the region. Google built-in services will be standard on trims LT and above, with broad deployment across all GM vehicle brands equipped with OnStar module system. Customers in UAE and Kuwait are able to utilize Google built-in via their Wi-Fi plans, while KSA and Bahrain customers can connect through their personal mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

“We are re-envisioning the future of in-vehicle customer experiences based on the foundations of technology, connectivity and personalization. The integration of Google apps and services in our key nameplates will allow users to verbally interact and delegate to technology, which is why it is a fundamental component of the future of mobility. It will also foster a more convenient and efficient driving experience, whilst enhancing greater safety measures through less distracted driving. This brings us closer to our mission of a world with zero crashes alongside zero emissions and zero congestion,” said Gary D. West, Managing Director of Future Mobility & OnStar, General Motors Africa and Middle East.

GM launches new in vehicle technology with Google built-in

Future General Motors’ infotainment systems will continue to be powered by Android™, which enables GM to bring familiar and enhanced experiences from Google to the vehicle. Some features that customers can look forward to include:

  • Voice Assistant*: Talk to Google to get hands-free help in the car. Easily call or text a friend, set reminders, or even change the temperature in the vehicle. Drivers can also find the best route to their next destination or look up what’s nearby. Skipping to the next track or rewinding a podcast is easy using favorite media apps. Just say, “Ok Google” or press the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel to get started.
  • Drivers in the future will be able to simply use their voice to engage with their vehicle, which could include renewing their OnStar or Connected Services plans, checking on their tire pressure, scheduling service and more.

  • Embedded Navigation: Google Maps2 in the vehicle is constantly up-to-date and helps drivers navigate with real-time traffic information, automatic re-routing and lane guidance. With Google Assistant, drivers can use their voice to navigate home, share their ETA, find the nearest petrol station, or ask about their favorite coffee shop’s hours without needing a phone.

  • In-Vehicle Applications: Google Play lets drivers find their favorite apps and services designed specifically for in-vehicle use. Drivers can listen to the same albums, podcasts and audiobooks in the vehicle as at home and stay connected with their most important contacts on communication apps. Plus, rearrange the apps on the infotainment system screen to get a personalized and specific layout preferred.

While using Google apps and services, the driver must always remain attentive. Available in connected countries3, Google built-in technology requires a Connected Services in-vehicle data trial or a Wi-Fi Data plan (where OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi has been launched) or customers can connect through their personal mobile data hotspot. To get a helpful, personalized and seamless way to enhance your in-vehicle experience, learn more at

1According to a 2017 GM study

2Some geographic restrictions may apply

3Connected Countries include UAE and Kuwait (live); KSA and Bahrain

Google built-in services are subject to limitations, and availability may vary by vehicle, infotainment system and location. Certain Google actions and functionalities may require account linking. User terms and privacy statement apply. Google, Google Play and Google Maps are trademarks of Google LLC.

* Google Assistant is a product of Google LLC wherein Google Terms apply. Some related features are not available in all languages or countries. See for updates to language and country availability.

If you use your personal data hotspot for Google updates, Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play, please be aware that these may be high data consumption services.