General Tire reveals why motorists are buying 4X4s and SUVs

General Tires
Dubai, July 25, 2022: General Tire, the off-road tyre specialist, has conducted research to discover the most popular reasons motorists are buying 4x4s and SUVs, with results showing that off-roading ability, increased traction and stability, and the vehicle’s towing capacity are among the key factors.

Over 2000 motorists from all over the world participated in the research, citing an elevated driving position, increased storage space and reliability in adverse weather as other key factors in the purchasing decision. Over half of the participants in the survey claimed that owning a 4×4 or SUV had opened up more recreational activities than previously anticipated including road trips, exploring more rural locations and camping holidays.  

Drivers were also quizzed about their preferences when shopping for tyres for their 4×4 or SUVs. This revealed durability, fuel efficiency, wet grip and mileage as the most important characteristics.  For 67 per cent, they stated it is important to have a robust and durable set of tyres, while 31 per cent would only buy their tyres from a trusted brand.  

The research by General Tire went on to reveal that along with off-roading in their personal 4×4 or SUV. respondents highlighted that a first aid kit, spare tyre and a work light are the most common items packed ahead of their journey.  

Karel Kucera, Managing Director, Continental Middle East, commented: “This research sheds light on the varying reasons that customers choose a 4×4 or SUV. Especially in the Middle East, many motorists go off-road driving with their vehicle – or are looking to do more of it – this means that it is important drivers are familiar with many of the golden rules of off-road driving, before hitting the beaten track.  That is why we have developed a dedicated section on our website that leaves no stone unturned for motorists to ensure they drive safely, while making the most of the adventure.”  

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