Releasing in 2021, Ford’s first self-driving car could be an SUV

The car is to be used for self driving passenger and cargo service

Ford’s is aiming to launch its first fully dedicated self driving car by 2021. It will indeed be an ambitious achievement to have cars without a Steering Wheel or Acceleration and Brake pedals. Past the design stage and now in testing mode, the car will most probably be an SUV.  In a recent interview Ford Autonomous Vehicles President Sherif Marakby said that Ford visions an easy entry / exit, high roof vehicle that will be equally good in passenger and cargo transport.
The car is a completely new design and not based on alterations of an already existing Ford model.  The automotive manufacture realizes that the self driving cars need to have a robust frame and built to carry the load for thousands of kilometers ever year for many years. Ford has also hinted that its initial line up of self dedicated cars would be hybrid as compared to many other manufactures who are opting for a complete electric engine. In the initial stages, the autonomous vehicles are going to be limited to geo fenced areas on certain times and will be expanding from there on. In cities like Miami, Ford is already testing its second generation of autonomous cars with a safety driver with the third generation launching in a few months.
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  • Value for Money - /10
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