Emirates Motor Company launches futuristic Mercedes-Benz showroom

Emirates Motor Company new state of the art Mercedes Benz showroom
Emirates Motor Company (EMC), the authorised general distributor for Mercedes-Benz in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is reshaping the brand’s identity in the market with the launch of an immersive digital experience for its customers at its fully digitised, state-of-the-art showroom on Airport Road in the capital. The cutting-edge experience delivered at this redeveloped facility reinforce’s Mercedes-Benz’s global strategy to create the best cutomer experience and uses breakthrough technology to be fully digitised. Completion of the first phase of redevelopment of EMC’s flagship showroom in Abu Dhabi was celebrated with a special visit to the facility by Matthias Lührs, Head of Overseas Region, Mercedes-Benz Cars, where he met with Ahmed Abdul Jalil Alfahim, the Chairman of Al Fahim Group and the EMC Management. The showroom takes its place as one of the world’s most advanced Mercedes-Benz facilities, emphasising the highest global standards offered by the world’s leading luxury automotive brand. In implementing the new brand identity, the showroom concept showcases the customer-centered retail experience, transforming the traditional linear retail process into a multi-dimensional network process. It includes customer-centric building planning, new service flow, full use of multimedia and retail systems, and more flexible and innovative retail specifications, offering customers a more convenient experience that simultaneously exceeds their expectations. Emirates Motor Company launches digitized Mercedes-Benz showroom in Abu DhabiThe new showroom includes semi-private areas for a more casual and convenient discussions. Dedicated areas with large, customisable digital displays are available for the customers to enjoy complete privacy while finalising the choice of their dream car. In addition, there are four individual, private areas where buyers will receive a personalised handover of their new Mercedes-Benz. The newly-opened facility features a more modern, dynamic interior design with intricate use of hollow light effect, premium flooring and stylish décor to ensur a truly luxurious ambiance. 15 LED screens around the showroom dish out relevant content while displaying the information in an entertaining format. Meanwhile, digital screens allow customers to configure the vehicle they are planning to purchase. The redevelopment started in the third quarter of 2021, with the first phase, focused on the main showroom area, now completed. The second phase of the redevelopment, which will be focused on a bespoke Mercedes-AMG area, is already underway and is set to be completed in the first quarter of 2022. “This new Mercedes-Benz retail experience is revolutionising the way customers interact with the brand at our retail touchpoints globally. We are thrilled that this incredible experience is now available to our customers in Abu Dhabi. This outstanding facility sets a new benchmark for dealership design and brand experience,” said Matthias Lührs, Head of Overseas Region, Mercedes-Benz Cars. “We are focused on integrating new digital technologies and redefining the full range of services offered by making them more personalised to our customers’ needs and preferences, and take the experience of purchasing and owning a Mercedes-Benz to the next level.” Matthias Luhrs for Mercedes-Benz and Ahmed Abdul Jalil Alfahim for Emirates Motor Company “Emirates Motor Company continues to set new standards for the automotive sector in the UAE, leading the premium brands automotive market by introducing the latest technological advances to give our customers the best possible experience,” said Ahmed Abdul Jalil Alfahim, the Chairman of Alfahim Group. “Our new showroom is now more relaxing and engaging than ever before, providing the warmth, comfort and premium standards of service and attention that you may more usually find in a first-class lounge.”