EMC ramps up digitalization for Mercedes-Benz customer care in Abu Dhabi

EMC to provide digital transformation for Mercedes Benz customer care in Abu Dhabi
Emirates Motor Company (EMC), the authorised general distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Abu Dhabi, is opening several short-term pop-up stands in select malls across Abu Dhabi to inform people about the after-market services from Mercedez-Benz including the ‘Mercedes me Adapter’ software, the ‘Mercedes me Connect’ app, and the E-commerce website. As part of its 30-days campaign to approach customers, EMC’s pop-up stand will be set up at the Yas Mall from November 1-10, followed by Dalma Mall from November 15 – 25, and lastly in Al Ain, at Jimmi Mall from November 30- December 10. The general distributor will be offering customers with out-of-warranty vehicles of models 2002 to 2018 free installation of the Mercedes me Adapter, and to owners of 2019 and 2020 models a free activation of the Mercedes me Connect application. The Mercedes me Adapter will be inserted into the diagnostic socket of the vehicle and subsequently connects to the driver’s smartphone by Bluetooth, allowing the device to read out information from the vehicle about the current vehicle status, such as fuel level, mileage, parking location and time. A range of safety, service and mobility functions can be used via the Mercedes me Adapter app. Mercedes ME Adapter by EMC in Abu Dhabi The app offers Mercedes-Benz owners various functions from four central areas: my vehicle, mobility, statistics and service. It automatically informs the customer when a service is due, allowing customers to book an appointment online via the app or email, or by dialling the 24-hour phone hotline. The me Adapter application allows customers to check the health of their vehicle, records the owner’s driving behaviour and generates an automated driver ‘score’. In addition to features on everyday topics such as parking, refueling and navigation, the Mercedes me app also provides a ‘Parked Vehicle Locator’, which is automatically activated at the end of each journey to record its location. Yas Mall Activation Centers“The Mercedes-Benz brand focuses on the changing customer requirements of the digital age. Customers should be offered a seamless and convenient luxury experience whenever they are in contact with Mercedes-Benz – regardless of the time, place or channel they are using. That is why Mercedes-Benz is seamlessly blending its physical retail element with digital channels and is employing innovative store and location concepts,” said Mohammad Ghazi Al Momani, General Manager at Emirates Motor Company (EMC) Emirates Motor Company is also promoting its E-commerce site throughout its mall activation. Customers in Abu Dhabi can now purchase a new Mercedes-Benz car directly from the comfort of their own home using the E-commerce website from Emirates Motor Company (EMC), allowing them to schedule test drives, reserve a vehicle to purchase and much more, around the clock and at the touch of a button.