Eccentrica arrives at Goodwood after successful world premiere

After the successful world premiere unveiling, Eccentrica arrives at Goodwood
The Eccentrica prototype unveiling in Milan was a huge success, with more than 200 international press and industry blogs reporting on it, and more than 3.5 million video views and social media photo uploads (new images are available at this link  ). The community has enthusiastically embraced the product and brand, promoting the car’s stylistic choices and technical specs developments. Eccentrica has already completed the first three bookings and the options for collectors, entrepreneurs and international stars to ensure the first model produced are growing.


In this scenario, the debut of the Eccentrica prototype continues internationally, making a stop at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 13th to 16th July. Hosted in the County of West Sussex, the event, which brings together thousands of enthusiasts and is one of the most famous and eagerly awaited events dedicated to the world of motoring, will be the setting for the exclusive Eccentrica prototype, the start-up’s first product, which aims to become an international “restomod” reality. Journalists will have the opportunity to attend the press conference, which will be held on 13th July, at 5 p.m., at stand no. 9, in the presence of the car.  

The project originated from the passion of Emanuel Colombini, who aimed to innovate the Diablo, a classic supercar from the 90s, while still maintaining its unique identity. By his side, the BorromeodeSilva studio handled Eccentrica’s design, while technical development was entrusted to a team of internationally renowned engineering experts. These names were joined by technical partners of the highest level, who created exclusive features such as the Pirelli tyres, the Brembo braking system, the Marantz audio system, the Capristo exhaust system and the Alcantara upholstery.

Produced in just 19 custom models, the ‘restomod’ aims to bring back that completely analogue, instinctive and extreme driving experience through innovative and significant technological and design upgrades. In particular, the work of the design firm BorromeodeSilva has enhanced the appropriate balance between size and performance, taking inspiration from the sporty Diablo GTR.  

The bodywork of the donor car was completely revised except for the windshield, which remains the same, while the vehicle’s original proportions have been taken to the extreme to highlight its aggressive look and handling, and stability. One of the new hypercar’s most distinctive and eccentric features are its “pop-down headlights”, which stand out for their retro-futuristic look and compliance with current standards, but also the various elements in titanium created with 3D printing technology, which ensure superior lightness, greater rigidity, and a more precise build. The interiors of the Eccentrica have been created to be a meeting point between the minimalism of the early 1990s and the state-of-art mechanics typical of luxury watchmaking. The steering wheel and dashboard have been redesigned to offer greater comfort, intuitive and safe driving and an updated aesthetic appearance. Even the seats have been redesigned to modernize both the aesthetics and ergonomics. An intricate mix of premium materials, such as leather and Alcantara, was chosen for the upholstery, offering lightness, breathability and grip. The same 100% made-in-Italy material was chosen for the central tunnel and interior door trim.  

For an even more immersive experience, even the driving start has been created as an authentic ritual to be enjoyed to the very end; a sequence that nods to 1990s video games and cult films such as ‘Top Gun’.  

Once the technical development has been completed, Eccentrica will be a street-legal vehicle but also fit for those who want to hit the track. In its first virtual simulations, it performs like a real hyper car: with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 335 km/h, and a lateral acceleration in curves of 1.2g. The original 5.7-liter V12 engine has been altered to provide technical improvements like new valves and camshafts, slightly increasing its maximum power (550 HP at 7,000 rpm) and maximum torque (600 Nm at 6,5000 rpm). To handle the immense discharge on the ground, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires are the go-to choice, being perfect semi-slick track tires for road use. The braking system is designed by Brembo: a new and exclusive system which will allow the finished vehicle to brake from 100 Km/h to 0 in just 34 meters, i.e., 7 meters less compared to the original model. Finally, the Eccentrica prototype is equipped with a sophisticated exhaust system with aluminum alloy tailpipes from CAPRISTO, which enhances the unmistakable sound of the V12 and improves its performance.  

To ensure customers have a smooth customization process, Eccentrica has partnered with BorromeodeSilva design firm. The entire styling and mechanical overhaul will require an estimated time period of between 16 and 18 months, and the price of its transformation will start at €1,200,000.  

After the debut in Italy and the highly anticipated UK Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Eccentria launch will continue in the USA with stops at Monterey Car Week in August, New York and Miami in September and October.