Dubai Police is upgrading ‘Beast Patrol’ by making it bulletproof


The Dubai Police “Beast Patrol”  SUV, officially called the Ghiath, is equipped with two drones, an advanced face and number-plate recognition software, 10 internal screens and nine cameras, which can transmit live images to a control room.

No doubt that “Beast Patrol” is one of the most advanced 4×4 law-enforcement vehicles around. After its initial success on its first car, it is now set to appear far more frequently on the streets of UAE.

Lieutenant Saeed Mohammed Matar Al Mazroui, who was showing off Ghiath at the International Defence and Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi, said that an order had been placed for “more than 10” more of the vehicles, to join the single unit currently in operation.

Lt Saeed Mohd Matar Almazrooei uses the touchscreen system of the Dubai Police Ghiath. Victor Besa / The National

At least two people are required to operate the car – one to drive and the other to check the screens – but as many as four will ideally be inside, including a drone operator and another officer in case he or she is required to leave the vehicle on foot.

The two drones can be launched if officers want to see something that is otherwise obscured. The drones have a range of 500 metres from the vehicle.

“If the driver is in a traffic jam, and wants to see a place or go to a place within 500 metres and the car cannot go, he can check around and it appears on the screen,” Lt Mazroui said.

“We are improving the body now. It will be bulletproof. For now, it is functional and working, but we are upgrading the car.”

The car was built as part of a collaboration between Dubai Police, W Motors and the Abu Dhabi-based Safe City Group.

“Beast Patrol” was initially delivered in October and the police have ordered an upgraded bulletproof version from its manufacturer W Motors. Its worth noticing that W Motors are the company behind first self-driving electric car to be manufactured in the UAE.

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