Dubai-based Indian worker wins McLaren 570S Spyder worth almost 800,000 dirhams

In what could only be termed as a Rags to Riches story, a Dubai-based Indian worker got his life turned around for the better after he won a McLaren 570s Spider worth almost 800,000 dirhams in a lucky draw he casually entered upon renewing registration details for his mobile number. Balvir Singh, who is a carpenter by profession and has been in Dubai for nearly 10 years. He earns a meagre salary of AED 1900 per month and supports his family back home as well. To his surprise, one day he got a call from du telling him that he has won a super car in a draw held by the company. At first he thought that it was some kind of scam, but later on when invited by the relative authorities to come and claim the prize, he realized that it was in fact true. However, Balvir, a native of the state of Punjab in India, decided to sell the car instead of keeping it. Which looks like a good choice, as he doesn’t even have a driving license at the moment, and it would cost him a fortune to maintain such a car, let alone drive it. But before that he made sure to click some nice pictures with the luxury sports car. In a statement issued to the press, Balvir thanked the company and the authorities for giving him such a life changing present. He said, he is overwhelmed at the opportunity and considers himself blessed. He thanked du specifically for making his life beautiful.