Dokker from Renault – a model of utility and style

Meet the Renault Dokker - a model of utility and style

The word ‘business’ is connoted as being formal and conventional. A van that serves all business purposes, spacious with functional load space and stylish, sounds like a distant reality.

But, no more!

Meet the business-friendly Renault Dokker, featuring striking exteriors and comfortable interiors that double as an efficient office space.

What does the Dokker bring to the table?

A practical drive, to be precise. The Renault Dokker is thoughtfully designed to offer a drive with easy loading, quick access to items within the cabin, and a side door for easy entrance and exit.

This makes it possible for the driver to run business errands while the van itself contributes to making things seamless and hands-on. Whether the drive is within city space or cross-city deliveries, the Dokker’s got you.

How well does it fare on the space?

There is no restriction on the things you can carry around to fulfil your business needs. With the Renault Dokker, you have ample space to organize, sort, and sift as per your requirements. Got additional deliveries to make this season, or need to fit in elaborate equipment? The van is as big and generous as you would need, ensuring uninterrupted business pace.

The van has a usable volume of 3.3 m3, while the Renault Easy Seat option provides an extra 0.6 m3, taking your storage space to 3.9 m3. The cargo capacity is equally impressive, with a maximum cargo capacity of 600 kg, which directly translates to exceptional space at your disposal.

Is the Dokker practical for work on-the-go?

Renault Dokker is as practical as it is comfortable. The interiors are designed with business dynamism in mind, which means you get to enjoy a relaxed drive while your van takes care of the paths that lead you to business success.

Do the exteriors complement essence?

The harmonious and dynamic utility creation also boasts an iconic design that is reflective of its strong performance and the dash of comfort it comes with. Its high beltline, bodyside moulding, and protected headlights give it an overall look that is strong and energetic.

What about the Dokker’s safety features?

The anti-braking system keeps you safe, while electronic stability control is helpful in risky driving conditions. Top that up with Dokker’s 1.6L 85 hp engine – which means you get reliability and performance with moderate fuel consumption.

Sounds like something your business needs right now? Visit your nearest Arabian Automobiles showroom or R-Store in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates to uncover the potential of the Renault Dokker.