Daimler MENA brings Mercedes-Benz Econic to the region

The Mercedes-Benz Econic is a versatile low-entry truck designed in response to growing urban areas
Dubai, UAE, 26th May: Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA FZE (DCV MENA) is excited to announce the launch and availability of the benchmark setting Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks across the Middle East and North Africa. First introduced in 1998, the Econic has enjoyed significant success in multiple European markets for over two decades due to its safety, efficiency, ergonomics and reduced impact on the environment. The Econic is the proven choice for airport ground services, municipality and waste management applications.


The Econic is a versatile low-entry truck designed in response to growing urban areas and the increased demands placed on mobility, logistics, the environment and quality of life. The trucks are efficient, powerful and reliable, and offer maximum safety for those in the surrounding environment, as well as optimum working conditions for the driver and/or crew. With a choice of engine outputs and transmissions to suit a variety of applications, Econic is an efficient and responsible response to the challenge of increasing global emissions levels.  

Olaf Petersen, the General Manager at Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA says: “After the success of the Mercedes-Benz Econic worldwide, we are excited to bring it to the region. Since its launch in 1989, it has proven itself as a reliable truck across numerous industries and markets due to its versatility, safety and efficiency. With the MENA launch of the proven Econic, DCV MENA is inviting interested parties to reach out for a demonstration of the vehicle and is pleased to note that production slots are immediately available, thus allowing for short delivery timelines of only a few months.”

Econic : Putting People First

Cited frequently as one of the best solutions on the market when it comes to low entry design, the Econic concept is best summed up in three words: Putting People First. Econic offers a plethora of benefits for drivers and crews, as well as for people in the surrounding environment. The low entry design allows two step ingress and egress, which means the vehicle is not only safer and gentler on the back and joints, but also allows for quicker cycle times on jobs requiring frequent stops (such as waste management applications). The walk-through cab offers space for four and even allows the driver to conveniently enter and exit the cab from the traffic-free side of the road using the inward-opening folding door. The glazed folding doors extend from floor to roof, which aids pavement visibility, while shock-absorbing full air suspension boosts driving comfort and dynamics. The truck also offers raising and lowering functions across its axles.  

A choice of either a high or a low cab (the low cab can fit under the vast majority of aircraft wings ranging from the Boeing 737 to the Airbus A380) can be selected depending on the intended field of work but regardless of the choice, the Direct Vision cab offers great vision of the road and surrounding areas. According to a Direct Vision Study commissioned in 2016, the design offers a 23% reduction in reaction times and braking distances, leading to a reduced number of collisions compared to standard cabs. The low driver’s seating position makes it possible to make direct eye contact with people in the surrounding environment, while a mirror system designed to extend the field of view works to cover the working area and vehicle’s blind spots. The vehicle can also be equipped with as many as 10 safety assistance image and sensor-based systems that are designed specifically for urban operations and complement each other logically. In addition to boosting the safety of those in the surrounding environment, the overlapping imaging and sensory systems can significantly aid the driver in dangerous situations, thus fostering a more relaxed working environment.

The Econic commercial trucks have proven themselves  to a variety of customers across markets

The Econic commercial trucks have proven themselves time and again to a variety of customers across markets and in different use cases, thanks to the broad versatility of the platform. Available in 2-axle (4×2 traction) and 3-axle configurations (6×2/4 or 6×4 traction), with wheelbases ranging from 3450mm to 5700mm and permissible gross weights of 18- to 26-tonnes, the Econic can suit a wide range of applications. In a variety of international markets, the Econic is already successfully addressing customer requirements from airports to the public services sector (municipality and waste management). The trucks can also be seen frequently tackling short-radius distribution jobs, construction site transport and even fire & rescue.  

With a choice of proven Euro VI compliant inline 6-cylinder engines offering basic output of 272hp and 1200Nm of torque to a top output of 354hp and 1400Nm of torque, and with technology designed to reduce particulate emissions and nitrous oxide output, the Econic is a powerful and environmentally friendly solution. The engines offers high torque at low speeds and features optimised fuel and AdBlue consumption. In addition, drivers can expect powerful engine braking performance that boosts braking effect and reduces brake wear, all of which means lowering running costs regardless of application.  

Econic can also be optioned with one of two transmission choices depending on the intended field of operations: an Allison 6-speed fully automatic transmission or the Mercedes-Benz engineered semi-automatic PowerShift transmission. The former transmission is offered as standard and designed to relieve strain on the driver in busy environments that call for absolute safety and precision such as airport flight operations and logistics. This transmission’s crawler function enables a precise and smooth pull-away, which is also a key requirement in the waste disposal sector. The optional PowerShift gearbox makes it possible to boost efficiency even further; the weight-optimised transmission is equipped with 12 forward gears and 4 reverse gears and features specially adapted drive programs for use in urban traffic.  

Customers interested in exploring Econic’s capabilities have the possibility to inspect a demo vehicle in the UAE. Those that make the Econic choice for their business can expect open production slots and short delivery timelines of only a few months.