AVIS UAE aims to make 6% of the fleet electric in 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12th December 2022: Globally renowned rental and leasing solutions provider, AVIS UAE, has been awarded the title of “Best Car Rental Company of the Year” by the Middle East  Hospitality Excellence Awards, and the “Leading Car Rental Company” by World Travel Awards. The highly prestigious industry accolades are voted for by travel and tourism professionals and serve as a testament to AVIS’ commitment to excellence in the form of hospitality, sustainability, and digital transformation.


Dominic Hagerty, General Manager, AVIS UAE said: “We are not just a rental or lease company — we are a customer-centric transportation solutions provider for businesses and consumers. The way customers want to rent a vehicle has changed, they demand real-time access, choice, and superior levels of service. The awards are a testament to our unwavering commitment to seamless service, hospitality, and innovation.”  

The company is on a mission to provide customers with total control over their rental experience. AVIS UAE was one of the first companies in Dubai Airport to go completely paperless with PDAs, bookings, servicing, invoicing, and electronic signatures, with further innovations under development that will achieve a 100% contactless rental experience.  

Hagerty continues, “Sustainability is at the epicentre of AVIS UAE’s vision – by the end of 2023, we aim to make 6% of the fleet electric, inclusive of motorcycles, cars, and trucks. Currently, we already lease e-motorbikes for courier and postal service companies, and sustainably source local oil as opposed to importing.”

In a post-pandemic world, AVIS’ discerning clientele base, from businesses to end customers, is seeking a 360-degree solution with monthly payments, rather than a long-term asset commitment. AVIS UAE ensures an end-to-end booking and servicing experience for rental and leasing, providing access to a diverse fleet assortment on demand. Over the past year, AVIS has tabulated over 65% of end-customers are opting for leasing versus outright purchasing a vehicle, up from 50% last year. This is partly due to customers preferring a hassle and commitment-free experience with flexibility in vehicle choice, versus the hefty financial and maintenance requirements to outright purchase.

For commercial partners, AVIS takes a bespoke approach to creating practical business solutions. Partners rely on AVIS to manage their tailored mobility requirements, while they focus on investing in their businesses and core competencies. 70% of businesses opt to lease their vehicles, rather than procure a depreciating asset. Many companies have trusted AVIS to create a customized mobility solution that serves their business requirements through a leasing model that is asset- light.

 AVIS launched in the United States in 1946 and was the first to rent cars from airport locations. In 1975, Mr. Hareb Mohammed Al Otaiba successfully secured the AVIS franchise in the UAE. Today, AVIS UAE is well-established and is the fastest-growing transport provider in the UAE market.