Aston Martin planning to convert old classic cars into Electric Vehicles


British Car manufacturer Aston Martin  made an announcement last week that it is planning to start a “Heritage EV” program where classic Aston Martin owners can have their cars converted to an all-electric powertrain.

Reasons behind Aston Martin’s EV program is the fact that many cities around the world and especially in Europe, have begun to clamp down on internal combustion engines in favor of boosting air quality for residents. While there are no indications from authorities that such engines will be banned from operating within residential city limits, it is indeed a concern for classic car owners if they are unable to drive their dream car.

Aston Martin is not the first to covert classic cars to electric powertrain, Jaguar recently announced plans to market an all-electric version of its famous 1960s E-Type. Other cars following suite are VW, RangeRover and Porsche.

The first Aston Martin car planned for conversion is the 1970 DB6 MkII Volante. Planning a minimal change to the outlook of the car, Aston Martin will build Rapide E-inspired “cassettes” that slide in where the original engine and gearbox used to be and will be attached to the same mountings.

A new screen fitted in the car’s interior is the only notable change, but otherwise everything else is the same.

The Rapide E “cassette” that is to be used for this change has an 800-volt, 65kWh battery. It offers “over 300 km” of range and features a less than  4-second 0–100 kph, with a top speed of 248 km per hour.

Automotive enthusiasts around the world are split on whether classic noisy engines for classic cars should be replaced for quiet, eco-friendly electric engines. What is your opinion?

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