An All Electric Muscle Car? First Look at Peugeot’s E-Legend

Peugeot has broken all stereos types that electric cars have to be boring looking by launching the latest E-Legend at the Paris Motor Show this week. Using a design based on the Peugeot’s 504 couple and strong inspiration from the Ford Mustang GT, the E-Legend looks much like an old school muscle car. Buying the E-Legend  is not a compromise. The car has multiple driving modes that can be switched with voice commands.
  • The self driving mode makes the steering wheel retract into the dashboard and opens up to a full tv sized curved widescreen display.
  • The Soft mode reduces distractions and disturbances to a minimum,
  • The Sharp option gives you maximum connection with your social networks.
  • The default Legend mode when you’d like to drive it yourself, with a Boost option increasing the acceleration and handling response.
Peugeot E-Legend’s fully electric drivetrain delivers serious power to the wheels and does a 0–100 km/h in under four seconds.  The driving range is  600km and fast charging will ensure you get more than 80 percent of driving capacity in about 30 minutes of charging.
Juan Manuel
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