Al Tayer Inaugurates Largest Ferrari Showroom in Dubai

Al Tayer Inaugurates Largest Ferrari Showroom in Dubai
Al Tayer Motors established in 1982, the sole distributor and importer for Ferrari have decided to take it a step further in their level of customer experience and inaugurate a remarkable new showroom facility for Ferrari. This showroom will be located in the Al Manara area on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. It will be a state-of-the-art facility providing the customer with the best and a unique experience individually. Designed by one of the best architects it will be one of the largest in the world, covering an area of 3,642 square meters. The area is over four times the size of the previous showroom and is a true architectural landmark. The idea for creating such a large showroom is to reflect the new Ferrari global corporate identity, delivering a luxurious atmosphere and providing all visitors with an immersive experience into the Ferrari lifestyle. Additionally, it will be an exciting destination for Ferrari owners and enthusiasts. Al Tayer Inaugurates Largest Ferrari Showroom in Dubai

Some statements made by Ashok Khanna, Chief Executive Officer of Al Tayer Motors. He said that the company was very excited to formally open the new Ferrari showroom here in Dubai. The company’s relationship with Ferrari dates back to more than 25 years ago with a showroom on Zabeel Road, and the new showroom reflects how the relationship has since evolved. The showroom has been established with the goal of helping Al Tayer Motors to deliver enhanced ownership experiences to its community of passionate Ferrari clients. It has been conceptualized as a ‘Ferrari Clubhouse’ rather than a generic showroom and will serve as a space that owners can use to gather as a community, to share their common love for the brand and to connect with the knowledgeable team at the facility.

Dieter Knechtel, Chief Executive Officer Far East and the Middle East, Ferrari continued: “We are truly proud of this outstanding facility; a new Ferrari flagship in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Together with our longstanding partner, Al Tayer Motors, we are on a journey to deliver an exceptional experience to existing and future Ferrari clients and I believe this showroom will become home to them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Al Tayer family and their management for their dedication and investment over the years and look forward to many successful years ahead.”

The ground floor of the new facility will comprise features such as the display area is located in the main, it will serve as a stage to showcase the entire Ferrari range. This area will include a spacious client area for accommodating guests. They will have access to a luxurious lounge and the private coffee bar to enjoy a sense of community. The Configurator Room provides guests with access to the latest technology and a wide array of options and materials. The most discerning clients can access the exclusive ‘Atelier’. The Atelier offers an experience similar to a visit to the Factory at Maranello and features samples of special paint colours, as well as swatches of liveries, leathers and premium materials.

The delivery area has been designed with the utmost care and attention. The clients are hosted in a private room where they can enjoy the experience of their first drive in the company of their friends and family, with facilities for sharing the moment when their dream comes true.

The first floor is completely dedicated to Ferrari Approved, Ferrari’s pre-owned certification program and features a diverse range of pre-owned Ferraris. Each car needs to undergo a rigorous preparation process including 190 checks to ensure that it can be a part of the display on this floor and should have world-class quality and performance. Pre-owned Ferrari models are generally in high demand, as they offer high residual values and timeless designs.

The second floor serves as the home of the Ferrari team with an office area that is meant to be an engaging and dynamic workplace in line with Maranello’s ‘Formula Uomo’ guidelines. A lot of attention has been given to parameters like aesthetics, light, quality of air and noise control to make the environment a pleasant working environment which can boost motivation and wellbeing.

The building has been designed taking sustainability into account with regard to the use of water, air conditioning and lighting systems. LED lighting has been incorporated throughout to optimize energy costs, and the latest motion sensor technology has been employed to reduce energy consumption by switching off lights during quiet or unused periods and reactivating them when needed.

The Al Tayer Motors Ferrari showroom is open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm from Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays, the showroom is open from 4.00 pm until 8.00 pm.

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