Abu Dhabi Toll Gates not to charge motorists till Jan 2020

Abu Dhabi Toll Gate
With the recent launch of the new toll system in Abu Dhabi on October 15, 2019, Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transport has decided not to charge motorists till the 1st of Jan 2020. “This trial period will provide residents more time to plan the best travel times and explore transport alternatives,” the DoT said. According to the Department of Transport senior citizens, retirees, martyrs’ family members, people of determination and low-income earners will be exempt based on eligibility. Commuters who travel on a regular basis will benefit from caps on fees daily and monthly. The daily cap will be AED16, while the monthly cap will be AED200 for the first vehicle, AED 150 for the second, and AED 100 for each additional vehicle. The tolls, set at AED4 rush hour and AED2 non-peak hour, will apply to all motorists entering or exiting Abu Dhabi island. The introduction of road tolls will reduce traffic congestion by up to eight percent during peak hours as per Traffic officials in Abu Dhabi.
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