What to consider when buying new Tyres in UAE?

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What Makes a Good Tyre?

Between you, your engine and the hard tarmac, your tyres are doing all the work of keeping you stuck to the road. For that reason, it’s probably a good idea to keep them checked regularly and also know what to look for when buying new or part worn tyres. Tyres are big business; they need replacing more than most other vehicle components. There are a whole range of tyres out there, so what do you choose? The price range can be from as much as a meal in a restaurant, to a night in a five-star hotel with all the trimmings.

Reusable Rubbers

With the world struggling to battle climate change, tyres have become a contentious issue. You cannot just make 8 kilograms of dense rubber disappear. Recycling is an option, there are firms that will replace the tread of used tyres so they can go on rolling. Part-worn tyres are also a fairly big market for much the same reason.

Price Difference

When it comes to new tyres, why is there so much difference in price? A regular set of tyres should see you through between 30,000 km – 60,000 km of regular driving. Spending more money on tyres doesn’t always get you extra miles though. Once you get into the realms of sports tyres, the stick to the road qualities you pay for, substitute the longevity of the rubber. Spending less on tyres may also leave you red-faced. Low-budget tyres are fine for a run-around or a car you use now and again. If you cover any considerable mileage in your vehicle, or drive at speed, it is advised to steer clear of the budget range.

New Tyre Options

If you’re in the market for new tyres, sticking with a well-known brand like Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental or Dunlop, just by example, offers the most security. They’re subjected to rigorous tests, use the latest technology and prove both safe and hard wearing. For an extra dint in your wallet, you can trust your tyres to behave exactly how they should. For vehicles that venture off road, drive in adverse weather conditions such desert sand, snow and ice, there are further options. Off road tyres are fine on the road. One thing you will notice though is they’re loud, especially at high speeds. They also prove quite a bumpy ride. Winter tyres are excellent for tracking tarmac through snow, come the summertime they’ll do you no favours. You run the very real risk of skidding off the road due to their lack of surface space on solid ground. Finally, you may have heard the term ‘run-flats’ on your quest for new car sneakers. Run flats have stiff side walls. This means in the event of a puncture, you can still drive your car for a short distance at a slower speed. Punctures can happen any place any time, so more often than not, limping your car to safety is a great advantage.
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