What is Jaguar TCS Racing Team doing with the Cloud Technology?

Jaguar TCS Racing
TCS has been leveraging cutting-edge digital technology to support Jaguar Land Rover’s transition to electric vehicles for more than ten years. At present, TCS employs cloud and digital twin technology to facilitate quick data accessibility, enabling the Jaguar TCS Racing team to explore the limits of the race car in a virtual environment and enhance its real-world performance.

Jaguar TCS Racing Team

In the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, achieving peak performance hinges on timely data analytics. To make informed decisions regarding car set-up and race strategy, Jaguar TCS Racing engineers require prompt access to data, whether they’re at the racetrack or team base.

To meet this challenge, TCS and Jaguar TCS Racing leveraged the speed and power of cloud technology to provide engineers with rapid data access. By storing data on the cloud, Jaguar TCS Racing’s engineers and strategists were able to refine the set-up of their Jaguar I-TYPE 6.

By using data-driven decision-making based on time-critical data analytics at the racetrack and factory, the team was able to anticipate outcomes on the track. The insights gained on the track allowed Jaguar, with the help of TCS software, to boost the I-PACE’s range by 20km, thanks to lessons learned from the racetrack that enhanced the performance of road cars.
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