Updated Mawaqif Parking Timings Abu Dhabi 2020

Mawaqif Parking Timings
The Integrated Transport Centre,  who manage public transport in Abu Dhabi have announced updated Mawaqif Parking Timings. Since March, the parking fees were waived off in the capital to avoid people coming close to the ticketing machine and possibly spreading or contracting the virus. The normal charges are to come into effect on Wednesday, July 1, from 8am Mawaqif Parking

Updated Mawaqif Parking Timings

Paid parking in Abu Dhabi is from Saturday to Thursday – 8am in the morning to 12am midnight.
  • Premium parking (blue and white colors) is AED 3 per hour with a maximum stay of four hours.
  • Standard parking (blue and black colors) is AED 2 per hour or AED 15 for a day.
Mawaqif Parking is free on Fridays, official holidays and for disabled people. In addition, the parking spaces near mosques are exempt from fees for up to 45 minutes from the call to prayer. The ITC still advise people to pay for the parking fees electronically. If you are looking for details on RTA Parking in Dubai, please read our complete guide here.
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