Safety tips for driving in dense fog in the UAE

Fog in Uae
With thick fog descending across the UAE, road traffic accidents numbers are up. While this sort of weather is a rare occurrence (maybe a few times a year) it can take you by surprise, especially if you’re already out on the road. There are a few extra precautions you can take to keep yourself out of trouble whilst driving in fog.

Delay your trip

The best plan if you can, is to avoid driving. If you can rearrange your journey for a later time, keeping traffic on the road to a minimum can and will reduce the chance of accidents. If you’re out and do not feel confident in the conditions, it’s advisable to stop at a suitable location and wait for the weather to pass.

Use fog lights

If you must drive, first and foremost you should switch on your fog lights. This will increase your visibility on the road giving other drivers warning of your presence even through the dense fog. Your fog light switch is usually a further setting on the steering wheel lever that operates your lights.

Switch on Headlights

Alongside your fog lights you should always use your headlights. As an extra precaution keep these dipped. The glare from headlights spreads through the fog, keeping them dipped will keep them from dazzling other drivers.

Reduce Speed

Reducing your speed is paramount to the safety of you and everyone else on the road. If the speed of the road is 120 kmph, consider reducing your speed by around a third. It also pays to remember that on faster roads, driving too slow could also present a danger.

Increase vehicle distance

Double the distance you keep from other vehicles. One of the adverse results of driving in fog is reduced perception and reduced reaction times. With your distance doubled, you’ve more time to brake or swerve any potential dangers in the road.

Adjust cabin temperature

With fog, comes cool air. This is likely to cause condensation on your windows. With limited visibility all ready, just the slightest misting of your windows will be cause for concern. Your heaters will help combat this. Keep the temperature up in your car and keep your windscreen wipers on intermittent.

Don’t use hazard lights

A final misjudgment people make in such conditions is the use of hazard lights. The extra visibility from your fog lights is more than enough. Using hazard lights may not only confuse other road users but will also stop you from indicating your intentions on the road. If you must venture out onto the roads, always edge with caution. Remembering these vital safety tips and keeping yourself aware of your surroundings may be the difference between making it home safely, or not.
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