RTA Car Registration Process: New and Used Cars

RTA Car Registration
When buying a new or used car in the UAE, the car must be registered in line with government guidelines. The requirements are straight forward, although vary slightly for new and used. To help make sure you stay on the right side of the law, we’ve put as simple guide together for you to follow.

RTA Car Registration – New Cars

When you purchase a brand-new vehicle from a showroom, typically the dealership will arrange registration. This can also be done yourself through the RTA centre, the Mumayaz, Tasjeel or Wasel testing centre. There are three requirements for you to be able to register a car in Dubai.
  • A valid Dubai residency visa
  • Proof of employment in Dubai
  • A valid rental contract in your name
If you’re registering the vehicle with RTA directly, you’ll need: –
  • 6 months vehicle insurance
  • UAE customs card
  • A copy of your passport
  • Traffic file
  • Your physical Emirates ID
  • The sale agreement for the vehicle
  • A letter from the bank if the car is financed
These documents need to be submitted to any of the above-named centres. The process should take no more than ten minutes providing you have no outstanding fines. When complete, you’ll receive your plates, expiration stickers and your vehicle license card (Mulkiya card). Registration lasts a year, after which you’ll need to renew. The administration costs are AED420. If you also need a traffic file it’s an additional AED220.

RTA Car Registration – Used Cars

Registering a used car follows a slightly different process and requires a few additional documents. Again, if you’re buying through a dealership, they will usually assist you with the transfer of ownership and registration. For second hand car registration, you’ll need the following:-
  • Vehicle license (Mulkiya card)
  • Vehicle inspection certificate
  • A copy of your passport
  • Traffic file
  • Your physical Emirates ID
  • Vehicle insurance
The technical inspections are carried out at either the Tajeel or Shamil centre. Once all the documentation is submitted and the transfer of ownership is completed the vehicle can be registered. The fees for registration are AED420. The transfer of ownership AED370. Vehicle technical inspection AED170.

Renewal of Car Registration

Registrations must be renewed after a year. To renew you’ll need the following documentation:-
  • Vehicle technical inspection certificate
  • Physical Emirates ID
  • Driving license
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Expired vehicle registration card (Mulkiya card)
You can renew your registration at any of the following:-
  • RTA Happiness Centres
  • RTA mobile app, website or call centres
  • Mumayaz, Shamil, Tajeel or Wasel test centres
  • Kiosk machines
Renewal costs AED380. There is a grace period of thirty days to allow for you to complete the registration, after which a late registration fine will be applied to your traffic file. For further information on vehicle registration, you can visit the RTA website.
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