Porsche Cayenne’s new driver experience

Porsche Driver Experience
Porsche is unveiling a revolutionary display and control system with its latest Cayenne model, set to debut on April 18 at the Auto Shanghai exhibition in China but we get to have a sneak peak earlier.

Porsche Driver Experience

The complete digital display, customizable personalization, and easy-to-use interface characterize the Porsche Driver Experience. With the driver’s axle at the center of attention, the primary controls are conveniently clustered around the steering wheel, resulting in a more immersive and engaging driving encounter.

For the first time in a Porsche with a combustion engine, the new Cayenne boasts a premium cockpit that borrows features from the Taycan electric sports car. The sleek design includes a digital instrument cluster with a curved and free-standing display, providing various viewing options. Additionally, the centre console and the steering wheel have been updated to the latest-generation model, with the automatic gear selector now located to the right of the wheel. The centre console also features a black panel design air conditioning controller, providing an elegant touch. Passengers can also interact with the vehicle and the driver through the optional passenger display, creating a new level of connectivity.

Driver-focused and interactive: The new cockpit in the Cayenne

The new Porsche Cayenne delivers an entirely new cockpit experience for both drivers and passengers, emphasizing a stronger focus on the driver while introducing interactive elements that enhance the driving experience for all. The instrument cluster is now a fully digital 12.6-inch curved display that is freestanding and does not require a hood cover, providing a modern and streamlined aesthetic.
Porsche Driver Experience
The Porsche Driver Experience offers a well-balanced blend of digital and analogue elements, with crucial controls for the driving experience conveniently located around the steering wheel. As customary for Porsche, the engine start button is located to the left of the wheel, while the gear selector has been moved to the right between the instrument cluster and the central display. This configuration allows for a larger air conditioning control panel with analogue controls and additional storage space in the centre console. In addition, the driver assistance systems control lever has been completely redesigned and positioned directly on the steering wheel of the new Cayenne.
Porsche Driver Experience
Drawing inspiration from the 911, the new multifunction sports steering wheel has undergone a complete redesign, featuring a modern, high-quality, and sporty design. Standard in the new Cayenne, the driving mode switch for selecting between Normal, Offroad, Sport, and Sport Plus modes is located on the steering wheel. Additionally, the new toggle button for selecting functions and designs in the instrument cluster, along with the controls for the optional head-up display, are also positioned directly on the steering wheel.

Featuring a glass surface and black panel design, the new air conditioning control panel on the centre console enhances the overall luxurious look of the Cayenne’s interior. The control surface is clearly laid out, allowing for quick and intuitive adjustment of air conditioning settings. The use of touch recognition and haptic feedback, combined with mechanical air conditioning switches and a physical volume controller, provides a functional and visually pleasing experience for the driver and passengers.

The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system’s control centre is the high-resolution 12.3-inch central display, enabling the driver to operate various driving, comfort, and multimedia functions as before. A new addition to the Porsche Cayenne is the optional 10.9-inch passenger display, which is seamlessly integrated. This touchscreen allows the front passenger to ease the driver’s burden, such as by selecting a media service.

A luxurious, sporty feel

As the sportiest car in its segment, the Porsche Cayenne’s interior reflects its dynamic and luxurious characteristics. Combining sporty ambiance with dynamic functionality, the interior features typical Cayenne design elements. Porsche has presented the new control concept in a clean design that emphasises width. The entire instrument panel, centre console, and upper part of the inside of the door have been completely redesigned, creating an increased horizontal emphasis that makes the interior look even wider. The elegantly designed air vents are vertically aligned in typical Cayenne fashion, and for the first time, all air outlets in the cockpit have been designed without louvres.
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