Nissan Safety Shield 360 feature promotes road safety

Nissan Safety Shield 360
The Nissan Safety Shield 360 offers a comprehensive approach to safety with a coordinated system of innovative edge active safety technologies intended to assist drivers in avoiding collisions with objects and people. Using various front, side, and back cameras, and sensors, it successfully monitors the area surrounding the car, detects risks, and takes appropriate action. All Nissan cars, from the Sunny to the Patrol, are equipped with the Nissan Safety Shield 360 function, and are available at all Al Masaood Automobiles showrooms.

Furthermore, the system uses forward-facing radar and video technology to monitor automobiles and pedestrians crossing the roadway. It can apply brakes, as well as provide audio-visual signals, to prevent or decrease the severity of a frontal accident. In an effort to reduce accidental lane shifts, the system keeps track of the left and right-side lane markers on the travelling lane. If there’s a danger the car might inadvertently veer off the travel lane, the system flashes an indicator and emits a warning chime.

Additionally, High Beam Assist, which keeps track of oncoming traffic, automatically switches to low beam headlights when a vehicle is seen, and puts the high beams back on when appropriate, makes nighttime driving safer and more enjoyable. The system enables drivers to maintain safety while changing lanes with Blind Spot Warning system, which uses data from sensors on either side of the car to flash an indicator light close to the side mirror to warn them of cars in their blind spot.

By analysing information from numerous cameras and radar sensors, the system analyses moving vehicles, pedestrians that might be out of sight and alerts drivers while pulling out of a parking space. Drivers have complete support for a safe escape thanks to the voice warning, cameras, and 360-degree vision capabilities that are offered on select models.

Moreover, the Rear Automatic Braking system detects stationary objects behind a vehicle and, if necessary, applies brakes to prevent a rear collision or lessen the severity of an impact. Nissan’s entire line of vehicles in the Middle East, from the storied Nissan Patrol to the bold Nissan Pathfinder and the cutting-edge Nissan Altima, are equipped with a number of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features, including Nissan Safety Shield 360, along different features depending on the product grade.

Customers can visit any Al Masaood Automobiles showrooms for further details and experience the newest innovations by Nissan.
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