Lucid Air vs Tesla

Lucid Air
Comparing Lucid Air and Tesla is not a matter of one being “better” than the other as they are different types of vehicles serving different market segments.

Lucid Air is a luxury electric vehicle aimed at the high-end market and offers a range of premium features and advanced technology. On the other hand, Tesla is a well-established brand with a broader range of electric vehicles that cater to a wider market segment, from luxury to more affordable.

Lucid Air vs Tesla

Ultimately, which one is “better” will depend on individual preferences and needs, such as budget, range requirements, preferred driving experience, and desired features. However, we have some comparisons below to make readers make an informed buying decision.


The Lucid Air’s biggest plus is its exceptional driving range. The top specs Lucid Air Dream Edition promises an 820 km range on a single charge. In comparison, The most that the Tesla offers is 650 km., which is still very good but not even better than the entry-level Lucid at 725 kilometers.
Winner: Lucid Air


Electric vehicles are super fast when compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. Tesla could be deemed as a world beater in this regard.
Tesla 0-100 km in 2.3 seconds
Lucid Air 0-100 km in 2.8 seconds
Winner: Tesla


The entry level Tesla Model 3 is roughly around US$ 45,000 in comparison, the enter model Lucid Air over US$ 85,000.
The most expensive Tesla is around US$ 120,000 and the Lucid Air Dream edition is hitting notes of above US$ 170,000.
Winner: Tesla
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