How To: Salik Toll Set up in Abu Dhabi

You will need a valid account from 1 January 2020


The Abu Dhabi Salik system is different as compared to Dubai. From October 2019, Abu Dhabi now has toll gates across the Emirate in 4 locations:

  • Al Maqta Bridge
  • Mussafah Bridge
  • Sheikh Zayed Bridge
  • Sheikh Khalifa Bridge

Unlike the Salik system in Dubai, the toll gates in Abu Dhabi won’t work using an electronic tag system (read our guide on how to set up Salik in Dubai). And unlike Dubai, the fees in Abu Dhabi will differ based on peak/off-peak periods.

If your car is registered in Abu Dhabi, your car will automatically be added to the system. But if your car is registered elsewhere in the UAE, you will need to set up an account for Salik in Abu Dhabi – known as the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System.

Abu Dhabi Salik Top Up

How to get set up with the Abu Dhabi Salik Toll Gate System

Register your car’s number plate on the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System website first. You will need your Emirates ID handy.

Then, you will need to pay 100 AED – half of which will go towards your toll balance.

Once confirmed, you’ll be registered in the system and can begin using Salik gates in Abu Dhabi.

Charges for the Abu Dhabi Toll System look like:

  • Peak Hours – Saturday to Thursday (7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm) – 4 AED
  • Off Peak Hours  (weekdays) – 2 AED
  • Fridays & Public Holidays – 2 AED
  • Maximum Daily Charge – 16 AED

For Dubai drivers, it’s important to remember that you must register with the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System as the electronic Salik tag that is used on Dubai roads will not work in Abu Dhabi. Drive safe out there!