Everything you need to know about Darb Abu Dhabi Toll

You will need a valid account from 2 January 2021


Darb Abu Dhabi Toll starts 02 Jan 21

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) in Abu Dhabi is currently putting the finishing touches to its new toll road system. Dubbed ‘The Darb’, the intention of the toll system is to stem the flow of traffic in and out of the emirate at peak times.

Darb Abu Dhabi

For anyone needing to use the roads, getting registered is highly advisable as the fines of up to AED 10,000 will apply. As usual, AutoDrift.ae is on hand to simplify the whole process and make sure our readers are in the know.

The Who, the What, the Where and the When

Initially, the system was planned for the start of 2020. After a three-month grace period to allow for drivers to register although come March, the plans were deferred like much of 2020.

So, now they’re back on track from the 2nd January. During peak times, across four bridges, charges will apply.

The bridges are:

  • Sheikh Zayed
  • Sheikh Khalifa
  • Al Maqtaa
  • Mussafah

For any vehicle passing over the bridges between 7am and 9am or 5pm and 7pm, Saturday to Thursday, charges of AED 4 will be in place. Exclusions will include public holidays and of course Fridays.

There will be no fees for crossing the gates during non-rush hour timings.

Other exclusions relating to transport types, groups or individuals include public transport, governmental vehicles, ambulances, public taxis, army vehicles and ITC school buses. Motorbikes or any vehicle being towed are also exempt.

Elderly, retired and low income citizens also fall within the boundaries of exemption, as do people of determination. For anyone falling within these boundaries, you will still need to register and apply for the exemption.

To register for the roads or declare an exemption, you can do so by visiting www.darb.itc.gov.ae or through the Darb App.

Android users can find that here – Google Play Store

For iPhone users click – Apple App Store

Darb Abu Dhabi Toll Charges

As for charges, there will be a maximum charge of Dhs16 per vehicle in any given day but also a maximum of Dhs200 in a month. Payable through the app or on the website, those failing to register correctly, will be fined.

For a map of the bridges locations or any further information you can visit www.darb.itc.gov.ae